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Photo credit: / @StormyDaniels on Twitter

Exclusive: Stormy Daniels Admits to Being Initiated into a Cult - NXIVM?

Stormy Daniels has just been found to have been potentially involved in a cult invitation as per her own admission, and we have the exclusive archive to prove it.

Using her own Twitter account, Stormy Daniels tweeted “I think I am about to be initiated into a gang….or maybe it's a cult. Lol,” back on February 18th of 2010, at 11:01 PM

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">I think I am about to be initiated into&#13;<br>a gang….or maybe it&#39;s a cult. Lol</p>&mdash; Stormy Daniels (@StormyDaniels) <a href="">February 19, 2010</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

<a href="">In case Stormy Daniels decides to delete the tweet, here's an archive of it.</a>

Now, we cannot know for certain as to what cult this may be that she was referring to, or what gang it could have been that she claimed to "about to be initiated" into since it was over eight years ago.

However, we can suggest through speculation that strange photographs of Stormy Daniels( tattoos have appeared in recent weeks which seem to appear as if one may possibly be a cover-up piece of artwork, for a scar that resembles the symbolism used in the NXIVM Sex Cult in New York.

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">The images from right to left are: Left- Stormy Daniels with her tattoos. Center- Stormy Daniels’ tattoo up close. Right- Symbolism seen in victims/slaves of the NXIVM Sex Cult in New York.</span>

You decide. Or, if Stormy Daniels would like to issue a statement about her somewhat unusual tweet and explain what it means, we'd love to interview her for a future article and give her a platform to explain what she meant in 2010.

The markings do seem similar, although without confirmation we wouldn't dare allege it to be fact. Still, the resemblance is striking.

Additional Sources or Relevant Information:

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Anonymous No. 25582 2018-05-10 : 00:56

This is why Trump is going after NXVIM. He wants to shut down Stormy.

Anonymous No. 25583 2018-05-10 : 01:29

Stormy is a whore but id probably put it in her buttcheeks

Anonymous No. 25585 2018-05-10 : 02:11

Happiness, is a road, lined with wooden crosses with unsubmissive femoid whores nailed to them as a warning.

Anonymous No. 25586 2018-05-10 : 02:12

Females deserve a slow and painful death. Give it to them. Kill every femoid animal.

Anonymous No. 25588 2018-05-10 : 02:20

Obama is pizzagate.

Anonymous No. 25590 2018-05-10 : 02:27

Did she get that brand when she was under 18?

Little kids shouldn't be branded.

Anonymous No. 25591 2018-05-10 : 02:29

How old was she in 2010? That is 8 years ago. She must have been younger, better looking and maybe even pretty then.

Anonymous No. 25596 2018-05-10 : 03:29

"potentially involved in a cult invitation"

it was an INITIATION, not an 'invitation', you stupid fucking idiot

Anonymous No. 25600 2018-05-10 : 03:42

>>25596 I agree. this story was poorly written, stolen straight from Reddit content, and nobody cares.

Anon Amiss No. 25603 2018-05-10 : 03:58

Goldwater, I agree with you that this might be a thing, but maybe a little more details/research? This seems to me to be a good rabbit trail to follow but you kind of skimmed over it.

Vic G. No. 25897 2018-05-13 : 09:11

Well..she does it all for money… so a captive clientele with a huge fortune each… why wouldn't she… make a squillion… and retire to whatever works for her… maybe…

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Jefflaine No. 95562 2021-04-29 : 22:12

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