By: Major Burdock | 07-27-2022 | Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: Anonymous

ATF Agent Caught Scanning Thousands of Private Gun Sale Records into Personal Phone

It was a brazen and very illegal display of Authoritarianism. An ATF agent was caught (and recorded) scanning thousands of records with private information into her personal phone during a recent FFL audit. The Federal Firearms License holder (a family business) is at risk of losing everything and is risking even more by releasing this video. This courageous act should not be in vain. Please help inundate the internet with it. This is our opportunity to fight back against a tyrannical government hellbent on robbing Americans of their God-Given Second Amendment rights.

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EB No. 96357 2022-07-27 : 18:59

Hide your guns!!!! ATF are criminals. They are no better than the Gestapo!

AMY No. 96359 2022-07-28 : 01:19

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Ralph maddocks No. 96362 2022-07-28 : 06:58

Time to rid this country of this bullshit now find addresses for atf fbi and release to public. Fuc this Administration and all the anti American bureacrats

Natalia No. 96364 2022-07-28 : 10:01

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