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Infrared Camera Can Spot Hidden Weapons

A new solution to school shootings could come in the form of a new technology that uses an infrared camera to see hidden weapons. There has been a shooting that has killed or injured someone at a school every week this year and one way of stopping the attacks is to keep concealed weapons out of schools. The proposed technology was developed by a student from Maryland who designed the system to detect hidden firearms and it even works for other weapons.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my current project and wanted to provide hope for all the school shootings, as I’m working on an effective solution. <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Andrew Karam (@Andrewkaram17) <a href="">May 25, 2018</a></blockquote>

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17-year-old Andrew Karam, used a simple camera and combined it with a neat computer software. Karam is a junior at Arundel High School in Gambrills, Maryland where he showcased the new system last week at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). Over 1,8000 finalists from 81 nations competed in the contest for a grand prize of $5 million and scholarships. Almost a third of the finalists won some award for their projects.

Airports and courthouses are just two examples of places that already use weapons detectors, and even some schools already use them. Most metal detectors use X-rays to spot the prohibited objects based on their density, and some look for changes in a magnetic field, but Karam's new weapon detector utilizes infrared technology. But security checkpoints cause delays and people and bags must pass through so Karam looked for an entirely new type of weapon detector. His uses a computer program known as a neural network.

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This "neural network" acts like the human brain and learns by studying examples. Just like people can be trained to recognize suspicious images in scanning systems, this program can also learn. Karam says he trained its software using a toy gun which was photographed with an off-the-shelf camera but can even be used with cell phones. His camera cost $300 and will get better and better at identifying concealed weapons over time.

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Anonymous No. 27280 2018-05-27 : 21:48

This was originally developed by a British man, but we all know why it never took off.

Anonymous No. 27281 2018-05-27 : 21:52


none of the school shootings involved people 'secretly carrying concealed weapons into the school'. In every instance, the shooter simply walked right into the school brandishing the weapons. They never 'tiptoed through the tulips' trying to hide their weapon under their jacket.

So nice try, Andrew Karam, but you're a perfect example of how bad America's education is. Dumbass.

Andrew Karam No. 27466 2018-05-29 : 14:04

Firstly, precautions can be taken for this measure of detecting concealed weapons. Furthermore, the camera has a side by side RGB sensor that can be expanded to detect a hand gun that is detecatable with the raw eye. I’ll take critizizm into consideration for improvements, however, your offensive comments are unnecessary.

Anonymous No. 27467 2018-05-29 : 14:21

Why are you so angry mate? The kid is bright for what he has done and is trying to save what he can of his country.

Anonymous No. 93954 2019-03-18 : 03:31

This is excellent work.

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