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NXIVM Cult Members Reveal Sadistic Abuse and Forced Sexual Encounters in New Interviews

Former members of the NXIVM pedophile sex cult in New York have now made horrifying statements about their time in captivity while under the reigns of leader Keith Raniere and former Smallville actress Allison Mack, describing the forced sexual encounters and scarification branding which occurred at the hands of the twisted monsters behind it.

The elite cult has received little to no media coverage outside of the fewest details possible, with the mainstream media trying to minimize the graphic atrocities as well as the countless active Democratic politicians who have been exposed as being connected to the organization.

The television channel A&E is now promoting an upcoming series titled “Cults and Extreme Belief,” showing interviews with some of the women who recounted the indoctrination techniques used to manipulate them into participating in sadistic sexual acts and essentially worship Raniere and Mack or else face punishment for their failures to comply.

“In the process of <i>understanding our indoctrination,</i> he is slipping in new indoctrination,” said ex-member Sarah Edmundson in an interview with the host of the show, Elizabeth Vargas. “I actually remember the last training I took with Jness. I was like, wow, I’m not obedient enough.”

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The “Jness” was the name of one of the female sect of the group, who would essentially subject themselves to whatever twisted fantasies both Mack and Raniere had conceived for them to obey.

According to Edmondson, there were three-eight day training regiments which would engage in various sessions to teach they women “who they were at their core,” in an effort to manipulate their minds into becoming submissive.

Those training “courses” cost the women who sought out the group under the guise of “self-help” a cool $15,000 a person, making the entire endeavor profitable for those in charge.

The desire to be part of a secret society first became appealing to some of the women, who had no idea what they were in store for as time passed within the confines of the exclusive organization, with many having a chance to<a href=""> brush shoulders with powerful celebrities and politicians</a>, which further peaked their interest in the NXIVM cult..

As is the case with most cults, many of the members would develop a submissive desire to please those in charge, creating a dangerous addiction that led to torture and brandings in many cases.

Nancy Salzman, a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, which is former President Bill Clinton's charity, had her home raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in relation to leader Keith Raniere back in March, bringing new light to the underworld and its connections with ultra-powerful politicians.

With the<a href=""> connections to the Clintons being undeniable</a>, despite the failure of the media to follow the leads, the case now has all the markings of an attempt to suppress and conceal the truth from the public.

The followers of the cult known as NXIVM would come to know 57-year-old leader Keith Raniere as "The Vanguard,” a name he goes by in the underground scene, and become obsessed with his prowess as even the elite politicians and celebrities would answer to him.

The<a href=""> New York Post </a>also published an article in 2007 which connected the cult as heavy donors to both Bill and Hillary Clinton during Hillary’s 2008 Presidential bid, being the oldest article via a mainstream media outlet that could connect the Clintons to the accused cult leader Keith Raniere as of yet, although a few outlets have covered Raniere’s arrest.

It's a matter of connecting the dots to place Raniere in-line with the Clintons, as reported in the New York Post articles above.

Raniere was formally arraigned before a United States magistrate on Tuesday afternoon in Fort Worth, Texas. Raniere refused to talk with any reporters and said only, "Yes, Your Honor," when he was asked by the Judge if he understood his rights and the charges against him.

Leading the investigation into the case is Brooklyn-based Assistant U.S. Attorney Moira Penza, who has so far remained tight-lipped about the prosecutorial aspect of the case.

With additional statements from celebrities who've personally affiliated with the group now on the rise, many people wonder just how far the rabbit hole goes surrounding NXIVM.

Most recently, 1980s television star of “Dynasty,” Catherine Oxenberg, came forward to suggest that she lost her daughter to the brainwashing of the NXIVM cult and has desperately tried to bring her home.

Similar tales surrounding the NXIVM are being suppressed by major media outlets, especially television networks, who seemingly have a desire to protect the high-level Democrats who've received donations from the cult.

We're learning more with each passing day, but so much more seems to be shrouded in secrecy, as well as a desire from prosecutors to keep as much evidence behind closed doors as possible before upcoming criminal trials.

Television series which want to depict a portrait of “conspiracy” around the case aren't helping to clarify these known issues either, whereas they'll instead focus on unknown members without any political or elite status, to draw the crowds away from the diamond sitting in plain sight, that of the elites who are entangled in the web of sadistic sexual abuse of the NXIVM cult.

No doubt much of the case will continue to be swept under the rug, but as it does, The Goldwater will follow the trail to wherever it leads and continue to report the findings.

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Anonymous No. 27402 2018-05-28 : 19:19

The only source you listed says absolutely nothing about Hillary Clinton, and only talks about 'forced kissing'… Forced kissing isn't exactly what I would call a 'salacious story'. Since you can't list any sources to verify your claims about the ties and connections with Hillary Clinton, it's apparent that you are making up yet another bullshit story.

give me a break No. 27421 2018-05-29 : 00:44

these women PAID to do this and now they're angry? stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous No. 27458 2018-05-29 : 12:02

Another story that probably would have been subdued completely if Hillary had won.

Lore No. 27400 2018-07-28 : 14:46

I will buy that island when it goes up for auction following the forfeiture, lol.

Nik Page No. 96942 2022-10-27 : 18:31

I didn’t look at who you were when I clicked on this article, but its exaggerations and lack of objectivity stopped me cold. This is shabby political propaganda straining to connect Democrats to Raniere, whose NXVIM organization you luridly describe as a “pedophile sex cult”. Raniere did have sex with minors, but found it much more challenging to prey on wealthy powerful adults. There were also plenty of Republicans who did business with or supported the group—as did the Dalai Lama. (Are you claiming HE was there for the sex?) Stop spinning. This story isn’t about politics, and it’s bad enough already without your sensationalism.

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