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Steve Bannon's Plan to Take Down the Banking Cartel? CryptoCurrencies

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Steve Bannon is considered to be one of the greatest political minds in the history of American politics, helping defeat the establishment, by fighting to win the 2016 election for President Trump, but his next move? Defeating the banking cartel with the all-powerful cryptocurrency insurgency.

<strong><span style="color:red;">"If You Think They Are Going To Give You Your Country Back Without A Fight, You Are Sadly Mistaken."~ Steve Bannon</span></strong>

<i>The Federal Reserve is a scam, and the American people are the victims, there's really no other way to put this.</i>

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The Federal Reserve system is heavily lauded as the greatest danger to the safety and security of the American people, by economists and philosophers alike in the United States of America who feel that as long as privately-owned interests control physical currency in America, that we're enslaved to the system of debt, even from the moment we're born.

As the former-Chief Strategist for the 45th President of the United States of America, Steve Bannon understands what it takes to restore the control of America back into the hands of the working-class, taking on both special interests and powerful corporate entities as well as a handful of all-powerful globalist billionaires, who back the Democratic Party, in order to overcome the odds and create a Trump Presidency, an accomplishment that shocked the planet and an underdog story that will forever live on through the infamous tales of history.

Since leaving the White House, Bannon had promoted the idea that he will continue to fight for President Donald Trump, emphasizing heavily on challenging incumbent Republicans with an anti-Trump agenda, and turning heads as he defies the odds to promote the patriotic, nationalist America most Trump supporters envision.

Outside of his vetting of candidates he believes will support President Trump at home, Bannon has traveled the globe as of late, giving speeches to nationalist crowds in Europe who are committed to fighting against the Islamic refugee insurgency plaguing the continent, in an effort to bolster President Trump's support at home and abroad.

Now, Steve Bannon has another emerging trend he's in favor of, and it's one that will no doubt threaten the existence of the banking cartel which controls the globe’s financial systems, being cryptocurrency.

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Cryptocurrency in and of itself is a powerful tool for both investors and those who simply don't trust banks, as well as providing a safe means of storing assets in continents and nations where access to banking and security simply isn't feasible.

While the media focuses on rags-to-riches success stories for cryptocurrency investors of various popular tokens, it also has a desire to help the little people, ones often forgotten by the glitz and glamor of the limelight.

An example of such would be a goat farmer in Kenya, who takes a three-week herding on foot to market and sell his goats, in order to feed his family.

Upon his arrival and sale of his agricultural products, he then must make a two-week trek back without the goats, leaving his family awaiting behind for nearly five weeks to have the profits to live in and eat.

Many times, those families are left eating a handful of rice or grains a day, in order to survive, while waiting for the breadwinner to return with their profits.

Cryptocurrency, however, offers that family the ability to quickly access the profits of the sale of the goats back home, while the farmer makes his dangerous trip back, risking robbery by rogue pirates and criminals along the way.

Even banks, in many nations, are filled with criminal corruption, and simply can't be trusted.

Yes, cryptocurrency has the potential to change the way the entire planet “banks,” and stores their assets.

Bannon realizes this, and according to Forbes, realizes the threat to the banking cartels as a result.

Steve Bannon is “betting that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can disrupt banking the way Mr. Trump disrupted American politics.”

The mainstream media seemingly views Steve Bannon's politics as being “controversial,” and that's simply because they're so out of touch with the interests of everyday Americans, but restoring the control of Congress and the US Dollar to the citizens of America is a key aspect of <i>”Making America Great Again,”</i> the term President Trump coined while running for office.

There's heavy debate among Trump supporters as to what would replace the current Federal Reserve System, albeit some are in favor of the Gold Standard, or another system to replace it.

We know that each of the systems has their flaws, but we must also recognize the threat the Federal Reserve poses, as well as it's control over the government and both domestic as well as foreign policy.

In 2012, the<a href=""> Activist Post </a>wrote.

<blockquote>Besides resource grabs, the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now in Libya have one thing in common: they each have a new central banking system since their “liberations.”</blockquote>

<blockquote>The Federal Reserve was also used as a powerful weapon to remove Taliban control of the Afghan Central Bank. Usury, the charging of interest, is strictly prohibited by the Koran, therefore these nations had very conservative banking structures. In other words, these countries operated outside of the international central banking cartel that uses debt to enslave populations. Now they have been brought in line with the cartel at the barrel of a gun, and next comes the wonderful IMF we-own-your-ass loans. This, oil and banking, is also precisely why Iran is public enemy number one even though they never attacked another nation.</blockquote>

<blockquote>Therefore, the Federal Reserve-led central banking cartel is not only a severe detriment to the US and global economies, it is the fuel for conflict around the world — not religious beliefs, style of government, or other manufactured differences. The Federal Reserve system is cancer that needs removing and should be the primary issue discussed in the 2012 campaign. Every other is the issue seems to be a symptom of this metastasized disease, hence the debate about what type of band-aids to use on the numerous festering tumors is moot without addressing the Fed’s function.</blockquote>

Whilst brutally honest in their depiction of the Federal Reserve, the Activist Post leaves out one important aspect of the power-hungry banking cartel: <i>they're not going to simply roll over as they're destroyed.</i>

Remember, it was Steve Bannon who said, “If you think they're going to give you back your country without a fight, you're sadly mistaken.”

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The “they” Bannon's rhetoric referenced is debatable, with some suggesting he meant the mainstream media; but one could also make the assertion that Bannon was presenting the “globalist banksters” of the IMF and banking cartels in a negative light, considering there isn't a political or ideological perspective in American politics that gains traction without first gaining approval, and financing, from these elitists.

America is the greatest country on Earth, where anyone can run for office who chooses to do so. Whether or not you gain traction, is wholly dependent upon who you can find to finance your campaign.

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Ron Paul, the former Republican Texas Congressman, and father of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), once introduced<a href=""> H.R. 1098 (112th): Free Competition in Currency Act</a>, which died in Congress due to a lack of commitment from the RINO (Republican in Name Only) party members under the control of banksters.

Many would suggest that Ron Paul was ahead of his time with his “End the Fed” mantra, but with President Trump's emergence onto the world stage and in the Oval Office, there is again hope in the future of ending the banking cartel’s control over America.

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For those who've not yet paid attention, Trump's replacement of Janet Yellen at the Federal Reserve, with Chairman Jerome Powell, is a strong step in the right direction.

While we might not see the Fed abolished in the Trump Presidency, due to the massive corruption that President Trump has already been tasked with cleaning out within the government, more Americans are awakening to the threat, and no doubt the next few generations of “redpilled” American leadership will make this a primary focus of their candidacy.

With Steve Bannon, he believes that Bitcoin, and all of the cryptocurrency in general, is the key to laying the groundwork to defeat the cartel.

One thing Americans have to realize about Bannon, is that he's a master strategist. He can move the chess pieces into a position of checkmate, without worrying about the time it takes to complete the game.

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Bannon was an enormous asset to the Trump campaign and early days of the White House, and the Trump agenda, to this day, relies heavily on the brilliance of Donald Trump and Steve Bannon's roadmaps to success.

Even after two terms of the Trump Administration, and the inevitable successes we will see at the end of eight years and have already witnessed in only two years, <i>the Trump agenda itself is a timeless one.</i>

For American patriots, what they've learned about who controls and infests global politics, whether it be the world's “philanthropists” such as George Soros, Haim Saban, Tom Steyer, the Rothschild Family, the Rockefeller Family; or anyone in-between, is a knowledge that can't be forgotten.

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The agenda of this President, the desire to create a nation-state filled with prosperity, high paying jobs, self-reliance and manufacturing; <i>that's Trump's legacy that will withstand even after he's left office</i>, and Trump supporters will never stop fighting to continue that agenda.

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Realizing this, Steve Bannon said, “It was pretty obvious to me that unless you got somehow control over your currency, all these political movements were going to be beholden to who controlled the currency.”

Steve Bannon has held several meetings with both cryptocurrency investors, CEOs, and even ICOs (initial coin offerings); in which he's alleged to be using his investment company, Bannon & Co., to utilize his strengths and make alliances.

If Bannon understands the potential of cryptocurrency, you can guarantee that the Trump Administration understands the reality of the problem with centralized banking, and knowing that much of the younger Trump family members have strong ties to Conservative-led tech companies, it would seem like an accurate depiction of this Administration to understand the importance of cryptocurrencies.

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<a href="">Forbes </a>writes:

<blockquote>A hedge fund manager who met with Bannon to talk about cryptocurrencies told the Times he felt the former Breitbart editor-in-chief had “done his homework,” when it came to the technical details of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.</blockquote>

<blockquote>Bannon also said he holds some Bitcoin himself, saying he has a “good stake”.</blockquote>

<blockquote>Bannon was introduced to the world of digital money by Brock Pierce, a former child actor and tech entrepreneur who has become well known in the world of cryptocurrency, though not always appreciated.</blockquote>

<blockquote>In 2005, Pierce brought Bannon on as vice chair of Internet Gaming Entertainment, a company he founded that sold virtual gold to World of Warcraft players.</blockquote>

Bannon's introduction to digital currency in the pre-Blockchain and Bitcoin era is suggestive of the fact that he could no doubt understand which direction the future of cryptocurrency is heading, and knowing he was with the Trump campaign throughout his candidacy and the transition period in the White House, that should make those in the cryptocurrency community ecstatic about this Presidency and the potential from Bannon to seek a destruction of the Federal Reserve.

Many nations, including that of Russia, have official government policies of avoiding US payment systems such as credit card and financial services, in part due to the Obama Regime’s 2014 sanctions on Moscow over the alleged aggression in Crimea.

With economic powerhouses like Russia considering cryptocurrency, and even the US Government to hold a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the future of digital currencies, anticipation is high for a replacement system of the Fed.

We know that tens of trillions, sometimes, nine trillion at a time, has mysteriously vanished from the Federal Reserve, without a single investigation into the robbery from the American people.

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Steve Bannon is an excellent source of information for anyone to monitor what's ahead in terms of the Trump Administration’s goals, and if President Trump helps cement the groundwork for an eventual Federal Reserve replacement, it could save the planet.

One thing is certain, and that's the fact that “Big Tech” platforms, even social media platforms, funded in part by the very banking cartels of an expired era, fear cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency, no doubt, has titanic potential, and Steve Bannon's recognition of such is a huge leap towards progress for the roadmap to freedom being led by President Trump.

<b>End The Fed.</b>

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The Federal Reserve is neither. a private bank owned by trillionaire jews who got that why gratis the american taxpayers.

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Interesting article. REALLY enjoyed the Trump says clips🤣

I'm unsure of crypto currency, primarily bc I don't fully understand it.

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