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Right CENSORED by Big Tech: Why We Must Defeat Them

There's a new battle brewing in America - and all across the globe - which threatens to trample upon the rights of hundreds of millions of people - censoring their posts on social media websites - all of which are controlled by mega-corporations in what's known as "big tech".

For the first year of the Trump Presidency, it began with a shutdown of video streams, social media accounts, and various other messages delivered by what was labeled as being the "far right," and business-as-usual continued as this occurred.

The GOP, the Republican Party sat by idling in neutral as the censorship spread.

Soon enough, everyday Libertarians, Conservatives, Classical Liberals, Christians, Catholics, reformist Muslims, Jewish voices, the New Right, and every other aspect of "Trump Supporting" brands were being censored all across the internet.

The five types of politics under the party of Trump: reactionary, moderate, radical, extreme and new were all silenced.

Channels on YouTube were either losing their ad-revenue or completely shut down, even the most innocent of news streams were being labeled and targeted.

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YouTube has been brutal in affecting those who would make a living through independent media, is the most powerful video platform on the internet. Ironically, YouTube remains the easiest platform for websites to embed, as you see here, so the overreach of their bias is devastating to the GOP and right-wing media.

Facebook has been caught allegedly selling advertising to the Russian government or operations in part funded by them, and as a result, has used it as an excuse to crack down on independent media outlets and Conservative news in general.

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Pro-Trump groups and pages on Facebook were accused of being infiltrated by Russians and either shut down or their users banned.

Both moderate and reactionary subreddits on Reddit were subject to completely being deleted by their Leftist administration, or having users comments edited to misinterpret their message.

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Reddit went became a haven of censorship before and after the election of President Trump, where the site's administration would threaten the Conservative and right-wing moderation of numerous subreddits for their growing presence on the platform.

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Range-bans seemingly occurred on even 4chan, which has been known for its reluctance to give in to oppressive measures against free speech.

Twitter is by far the worst of the bunch, with massive purges of what the left considered as "Russian Bots," in reality being Trump Supporters who had done nothing wrong.

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In the exposure of Twitter's bias, powerful truths about their intent to censor Trump supporters were revealed in a Project Veritas undercover series that shed light on their intentional targeting of people who support the President of the United States of America.

Tactics first made known by the likes of Twitter to "shadowban" Conservatives are also sneakily bearing fruit in the war for freedom of speech. These measures mean that the platform can minimize the reach of a Conservative, while simultaneously allowing their account to remain active, and do so without warning.

Algorithmic changes by every platform have been used to also censor the messages of Trump Supporters, which limit their posts being shown in search results, for example.

The new blood of the internet, such as<a href=""> Gab</a>,<a href=""> 8chan</a>, and<a href=""> WrongThink</a>, as well as a few other free speech sites, have all become platforms of those seeking to avoid censorship, but they've not been able to reach the same audience in which the likes of big tech social media platforms have, instead being hubs of certain ideas that don't reach the masses.

Using those platforms to share ideas, research, and coordinate a message have been extraordinarily successful, but they're still in their early days of evolution and cannot compare to the hundreds of millions if not the billions who can be reached on the big tech platforms.

In America, we have the First Amendment, which is broadcast as Freedom of Speech for our citizens. While that may not exist globally, we cherish it in the United States, and it is now at risk if being destroyed.

What "We The People" must demand of our governance, is a regulation system for social media similar to that of which has occurred on utilities such as the telephone.

<strong><span style="color:red;"><a href="">The Internet Bill of Rights.</a></span></strong>

The idea of "the internet bill of rights," is one that will be crucial to having free and fair elections. We've seen many political candidates have their own accounts suspended or banned or affected as a result of the mass purges on various platforms.

This means that new and exciting Republican candidates have been shut down, silenced, or even had their chances of winning an election affected by big tech.

This is a tremendously dangerous venture to allow to continue. We've already lost most Universities in America due to Marxist infiltration and now they're camps of indoctrination for the radical-left agenda.

We cannot, and will not, allow the continued censorship of our voices to continue as they have.

It's why the new platforms are seeing such a bolstering of their users, and why it's now a time for a rose to sprout from the concrete that's been cemented by big tech, granting opportunities to the future of tech to return to free speech and open debating of ideas.

The<a href=""> National Religious Broadcasters </a>(NRB), a group of Conservative-leaning evangelical association of Christian communicators, has thus far led the fight to stop these powerful big tech platforms from their continued censorship of Americans.

The NRB President and CEO have stated that their organization has begun to build a database to track the examples of censorship occurring, as reported in<a href=""> The Tennessean</a>.

"We are calling on Silicon Valley to embrace First Amendment principles," Johnson said.

In their 75th annual four-day convention which began Friday, Johnson drove that point into the crowd of nearly 4,000 spectators, that Conservatives and Christians, in general, are being targeted by the platforms of Facebook, Google, and Twitter as well as many others.

There's an awakening occurring, a mass-awareness campaign of truth that's spotlighting the endless struggle to protect freedom of speech inside our nation.

We must support the efforts of anyone who is willing to bring about such change, and with their endeavors enlighten the masses on what's happening.

There are also movements from decentralization platforms which hope to bring about change themselves, and those platforms have been working around the clock in the dark of night to try and protect a user-controlled, user-centered freedom of speech campaign.

It's time to unite everyone under the spectrum of President Trump who supports the Constitution and bring them together to demand the government sit down and inspect what's happening on social media.

This is a battle for the future of the country, and the world is watching as we shift the Overton window against the censorship campaign.

The standard will be set by what happens in American, and the end result of the war with Silicon Valley's leftist leaning big tech.

An internet bill of rights, and some form of regulating social media like the government would a utility, is something we hope that our activist efforts can provide the groundwork for politicians to follow with introducing legislation.

Call your<a href=""> Senators</a>. Call your<a href=""> Representatives</a>.

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