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The Price of Free Speech in a Modern Dystopia

I am a whistleblower. I am an enemy of the State.

Assange, who sits in Belmarsh Maximum Security Prison, is not alone in his plight. All over the world are those whose voices are silenced for their commitment to telling uncomfortable truths to the population at large.

Famous whistleblowers like Julian Assange may benefit slightly from rapt media attention, even as intelligence agencies seek to destroy them, but this is not always the case.

Take, for example, Joshua Adam Schulte, who almost undoubtedly leaked the Vault 7 CIA materials to Wikileaks; whose life has been stolen away for the sake of the State's retribution. He was framed for child pornography possession, and imprisoned indefinitely in horrifying conditions that most god-fearing well-meaning people cannot begin to imagine. This is just one example of someone who saw the corruption behind the false appearance of “National Security” and thought to alert the public, yet instead of raising up this person or protecting him, the average person would have absolutely no idea who they are in the least. They are responsible for taking an important set of tools away from one of the most violently corrupt institutions ever to exist, yet they are nearly nameless.

Look at other cases. Look at the plight of Chelsea Manning, who helped expose the War crimes of the US Military during its prolonged, and still ongoing, money laundering operations in Afghanistan, for which countless innocent American lives, Afghani lives, and other lives have been lost.

Up until this past year, the US government attempted to take punitive action against her for standing up and saying, ‘I found this sitting on our systems, it shows us killing innocent civilians, reporters, women, and children; please someone do something.’ Where this person should again be lauded as a hero for exposing rampant corruption and lies being perpetrated on the very citizens who were misled as to the reasons of war in the first place; they have been, instead, endlessly persecuted.

Even now, the United States Department of Justice moves to extradite Julian Paul Assange, founder of WIkileaks and publisher of said “collateral murder” tapes, under completely false pretense of committing espionage (already long since established as false in a court of law). They are seeking 175 years, likely in a Supermax facility under Special Administrative Measures; this is possibly the most horrifyingly inhumane treatment imaginable, and they are seeking this for a man whose only objective and “crime” was voicing truth and exposing things that no government on this earth should ever engage in. Without him, these heinous crimes would have continued unabated far into the future, and we, the people, would be ignorant of it.

This situation is all too common. Whether you are leaking inconvenient facts that have been hushed up by superiors (like still-imprisoned Reality Winner, who released documents relating to Russian influence in the 2016 election that the current admin did not want seen) or to the many soldiers trying to speak truth to power about rampant cultures of sexual abuse in places like Fort Hood, who are subjedct to bizarre deaths in a clearly conspiratorial fashion (In 2020 alone, 31 soldiers connected to Fort Hood died, including 11 reported as suicides and five as homicides); or doing what I did: leaking military strike plans in order to prevent mass-casualty events, detailing false flag events orchestrated by intelligence agencies, to prevent mass-casualty events, and finally; exposing and removing a Ukrainian server that had served as an IC/Pentagon playground for nearly two decades, and funneled child pornography into the halls of our government on a disgustingly regular basis. I particularly irked them for bringing public eyes to not just the server, but the mechanisms of its existence, and the people and companies responsible for its continuation; then pushing the Stop Network Abuse Act through Congress and getting it attached onto the National Defense Authorization Act. The event caused a few well known global figures to be exposed as having trafficked on it, and resulted in my formal expulsion from the IC, and the newly gained mindfulness of the moment they will place a bullet in me, or attempt once more to lock me away like the rest.

The end result of any worthwhile whistleblowing usually means one of three things: you will either spend the rest of your life on the run for fear of being killed (my own situation currently), a great deal of time -the rest of your life usually- in horrific prisons that should not exist for even the worst offenders; or you will be killed and relegated to a memory hole where the powers that be will censor every mention of your name until you are beyond the most distant thought imaginable.

The real result is only dependent on the amount of inconvenience the Deep State would have in removing you; which is the reason only a handful of legitimate whistleblowers remain alive to tell their stories.

Most find themselves the tragic victims of heart attacks, seizures; and other manufactured deaths at the hands of our “protectors” without so much as a nod from the sleeping public.

The nature of this short article I am writing is not really to remind you of the plight of whistleblowers, we knew the risks when we raised red flags that went against the grain. Rather it is to belabor the importance of truth tellers in a society that is fraught with disinformation at every turn.

Take for instance, the continual “war” in Afghanistan. Under President Trump, a huge drawdown of troops was announced in the hopes of finally exiting the field of fight, and bringing our young men and women in uniform home; no longer to die pointless deaths at the behest of a global money laundering security cartel.

No sooner than this had been announced, did two things happen. One, Congress moved to limit the Presidential power to draw down troop deployments without prior Pentagon approval ( in other words to limit the power of a Commander in Chief to bring peace, and leave it instead in the hands of embedded Deep State interests). And Two, the Intelligence Community suddenly released a report relating to supposed bounties Putin had placed on our soldiers in the area. Both of these moves were designed as complimentary narratives meant to keep the wars going, the money flowing; and the lives being sacrificed on all sides.

Truth Tellers, like Julian Assange, have long pointed out these falsehoods to great effect, garnering public support that has repeatedly forced the machinations of war back into the board rooms of the sociopaths leading the charge. Yet in a society where our youths are born into a culture of war already long since existing, and truth tellers under lock and key, killed, maimed, or utterly silenced and broken; the real truths behind such disparately evil mechanisms may never reach the light of day.

We will instead live in a society that not only tolerates these lies, but embraces them as the only truth they know.

Even now, the Intelligence Communities, using CIA agents-turned-Congressional-Representatives, move to institute “Domestic Terrorism” laws meant to cripple the abililty of the American People to protest the actions of the State. TO silence your voices before they are ever raised.
And this is the real danger.

When free speech no longer exists, when truth is fiction; and reality locked away, and only the narrative of the war machine moves onward; those who mean well, who fight for social justice, will be so lost and misguided by the very nature of their upbringing in a world that has erased all inconvenient truths; that society as we know it, and the world as we know it will cease to exist. They will cheer for war while redefining social norms to fit an ever more extreme agenda that only further divides and weakens their collective hand; and we will be trapped, then, in an inescapable dystopian nightmare of greed, corruption, and death.

We are sliding into this reality even now, and we must band together as one people; from all sides of the manufactured division that weakens us and controls us, and seek to fight back against these terrible designs. We are but one generation away, from losing our voice, our freedoms, and worst of all; our perspectives.

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48 Comment/s
Longone2345 No. 95314 2021-01-25 : 04:26

Thank you friend for telling the story accurately and with passion.

Nancy Coleman No. 95315 2021-01-25 : 04:28

How about a follow up article on meaningful ways to help whistleblowers/truth speakers?

SBG No. 95316 2021-01-25 : 04:29

Excellent... Many are WIDE AWAKE...

Dustin No. 95317 2021-01-25 : 04:29

E, you are the man! Keep exposing the light on all darkness.

God is on our side!

CindyQC No. 95318 2021-01-25 : 04:30

It's scary to see how whistleblowers are treated. It means people will be too scared to come forward and the atrocities will continue unchallenged. Praying for whistleblowers everywhere and want to thank them for their courage. We appreciate you more than words can say.

QTruther No. 95319 2021-01-25 : 04:30

Excellent article on the plight of whistleblowers in this country. This is so wrong. These brave souls should be protected not hung out to dry. I pray for the destruction and end of this evil power structure
In the Mighty Name of Jesus
Let Justice Rain down on the Wicked

LT No. 95320 2021-01-25 : 04:30

Excellent, informative article.

Powerful voice! No. 95321 2021-01-25 : 04:33

Thank you, E. What can and should be citizens doing?

JustTracy No. 95322 2021-01-25 : 04:34


Bobbie Hunley No. 95323 2021-01-25 : 04:35

Earned my Dital Medal of Honor by being banded by Facebook and Twitter for sharing the truth. Speak up while you still have a voice! Tks, E

Bobbie Hunley No. 95324 2021-01-25 : 04:35

Earned my Dital Medal of Honor by being banded by Facebook and Twitter for sharing the truth. Speak up while you still have a voice! Tks, E

C No. 95325 2021-01-25 : 04:41

Thank you for sharing. Yes, what can we do? Praying for you!

Patriot4trump No. 95326 2021-01-25 : 04:43


Keep blowing the whistle! Especially with the corrupt occupation of the WH. We fear his loyalty to cc’d!

GP No. 95327 2021-01-25 : 04:58

Some of us choose truth over lies. We are probably not the loudest voices you will hear. Most do not listen when I tell them a truth they do not want to hear. I really hope that's changing. Good luck.

LuckyGran No. 95328 2021-01-25 : 04:58

I had no idea of the danger you have been in while working tirelessly to right the wrongs of the deceitful plans and actions of our own government. Yet you have taken the time to open our eyes and with patience and humility, encouraged us to learn more and be aware of what is really going on. You may not have worn a uniform, but your service to our country is so appreciated E! Please stay safe. You are in our prayers.

AY No. 95329 2021-01-25 : 05:15

Clear, concise, and compelling.. thank you, E

QAudrey @gab No. 95330 2021-01-25 : 05:18

E, people of your nature are few to find,but I st of ill believe in the intrinsic goodness in the general folks. God bless you and protect you. Thank you for all you do for us while living this nightmare you have described!

TiffsNotes No. 95331 2021-01-25 : 05:22

Thank you so much, E, for speaking out for these courageous men and women.

God bless you!

Elya No. 95332 2021-01-25 : 05:25

It is imperative we hear this message.
It is also just as imperative we carry this message, until it reaches a foundational understanding to forward truth effectively, collectively & respectively.
"we must band together as one people;" when a whistle blows as we would when we hear a battle cry.

Follow Vertically No. 95333 2021-01-25 : 05:46

Eye opening.

Debbie Motto No. 95334 2021-01-25 : 06:40

Such dark reality & possible future is hard to hear or imagine. It will take each of us to join with God to shine the light in this very dark world. Our friend E is going to show us how we can do this on the app Telegram. Please join us & be another light for the world & we WILL free many, including ourselves! ❤

Steven B. Rogers No. 95335 2021-01-25 : 06:51


Dark to light.
Patriots unite.
We will win, together.
God bless

anasha No. 95336 2021-01-25 : 07:09

This cuts to the core, nightmare well written. I was blind to any of this. People are being stirred-even in dreams, children are even speaking Gods word. Some time ago God gave me “with eyes open, open your eyes” these words. I had no idea what to do with these words, I was restlessness. I didn’t know about any of these things. I wasn’t on social media to any great capacity. I didn’t know what to do so I prayed...I did the only thing I knew to do because I just felt it needed to be said, somewhere. So I created a meme “ with eyes open” and uploaded it just to remind ppl that God loves them, and stay close to Him. The words were for me, and others yes, but I was the one that needed to open my eyes at that moment in time . I say all of this because as we keep speaking, and while we speak, The Holy Spirit is moving people- people just like me . Thank you for writing this, thank you for your insight & knowledge. Thank you for being a warrior and a watchman for humanity. It’s unfathomable, all
of it and the life- risks you and others take. You are very important to YHWH-, He chose you, each of you. Thank you for accepting the call. We pray for your protection- not just with our words but with Scripture which is alive- so it slices any evil. And we will not stop speaking truth. Jeremiah 29:11

Tiena No. 95337 2021-01-25 : 07:22

Thank you, friend. I wish you God's blessing.

Nobody... No. 95339 2021-01-25 : 07:32

Blah blah great!

Nobody again... No. 95340 2021-01-25 : 07:34

Ackchually...Truth reigns!
Peace Love🕊️

Maloupo No. 95341 2021-01-25 : 09:10

E we love you and we are gratfull for your „work“ God bless you

Boojum99 No. 95343 2021-01-25 : 10:18

We need truth tellers now more than ever. The very whistleblowers we should be protecting are being persecuted. Our very press, that should be helping to keep our government honest, are lapdogs of the cabals. This means whistleblowers, at great personal peril, need to come forward. These criminals need to be exposed and stopped. What do we do when the system itself is so corrupted that it is completely untrustworthy? The People need to respond with the power that we have. Use the Convention of States. Force State legislatures to enact laws that protect our elections. Stop doing ANY business with companies that support curtailing our freedoms. Primary all that have shown themselves to be sympathetic to anti-American agendas. Educate yourself and challenge their narrative whenever and where ever you can. There is still much we can do and no room for complacency. We have to do it. What good will it do to have Patriots risk life and limb to bring us this information if we don't?

Kelly Galway No. 95344 2021-01-25 : 12:25

President Trump would have dearly loved to have been able to pardon Assange.
But unfortunately he was 'Held To Ransom' in that particular the Republican party!

Sherrie G No. 95345 2021-01-25 : 12:37

It is mind blowing to me how whistle blowers are treated so badly. I mean these people are so courageous standing up for truth and justice, while also knowing there bravery of speaking up puts their lives in serious danger. More needs to be done to protect them.

Pam c No. 95346 2021-01-25 : 14:36

Thank you for sharing these truths. America needs to hear this and wake up!

MacawMom No. 95347 2021-01-25 : 14:48

Excellent article written by someone I consider to be a good friEnd :)

Timothy No. 95348 2021-01-25 : 15:08

Blessings from Italy E.

Brother Jeremiah No. 95349 2021-01-25 : 16:23

God Bless you, i'll keep you in my prayers!

Excellent Article!
The deeper we live in a lie the harder it gets to accept the Truth. If you ever need a place to stay in Canada feel free to ask.

CascadiaCatey No. 95350 2021-01-25 : 20:10

E, you have opened my eyes and I can never go back. I think that there are many of us that would love to stand #ShouldertoShoulder with you and help out! Please let us know what actions we can take! We are behind you all the way!

AggiePatriot No. 95352 2021-01-25 : 21:29

For now, let’s share this article as much as we can while we are still are able. The more eyes that see it the better...on every platform. Media spin (and as you point out, crafted defamation) on the stories of whistleblowers keeps the public in the dark and pushes the desperately needed truth farther away. Would a unified place to share this information when people want to seek out the truth be helpful? It needs to be an easily accessible, well-know, and secure site. I know there have been many attempts at this over time and that it is sadly a dangerous pursuit. We could simultaneously start multiple hubs for whistleblowers to share their info, and then it would be harder to shut down many sites at in numbers. And for the whistleblower himself, we should create a citizen agency that provides security, legal protection and the like to protect those with the courage to speak out (much like the organizations gun owners subscribe to to provide legal support in the event they had to use their firearm in self-defense). We must fight for freedom of speech. And we must have better protection for those with the courage to risk their livelihood for the benefit of so many.

Nobody again... No. 95353 2021-01-25 : 22:49

Roses are red, the sky is blue,
Reedeming the heart is up to you, near or far circumstances & consequences with good deeds will live by faith
Peace Love & honor God 💒🕊️

Sherri Parker Creager No. 95355 2021-01-26 : 04:09

This is so intense I just didn’t know how deep n corrupt our so called goverment is
I will just keep praying for all that uncover n share the truth
Only God can stop this I will keep praying especially for our children so heartbreaking

T No. 95357 2021-01-26 : 14:15

Thank you Edward

Anonymous No. 95359 2021-01-27 : 00:57

Didn't read. Now do an article on Ericsson and the Wallenberg family.

LuciLu No. 95360 2021-01-27 : 05:37

An excellent article! There are so many here who believe that what you and other whistleblowers have done is honorable. You all are TRUE BRAVE Patriots. We look to people like you who are righteous and stand for the truth. Bless you .. May God watch over you all! Thank you for what do and for sharing your story with us. Stay safe.

FU No. 95372 2021-02-01 : 01:23

E, you're a boring, irrelevant, overcompensating, lackluster, easily overlooked and quickly forgotten piece of worthless trailer trash.

Anonymous No. 95377 2021-02-01 : 13:22

Just a note that Wikileaks on FB posted the following video from DW, and many people (including myself ) are not amused. A lot of perplexed comments. Don't know if it was a mistake by one of their editors, but if not a mistake, it isn't a good sign.

you're-idiots No. 95378 2021-02-04 : 00:14

LOL @ you STUPID fucking idiots actually thinking Edward Snowden wrote this lame 'article'...

You mouthbreathing MAGA 'Qfaggots' are the stupidest, most gullible people I've ever seen in my life...

whistleblower : ME No. 95379 2021-02-04 : 00:38

I'm blowing the whistle on this one... This amateurish piece of journalistic garbage was not written by Edward Snowden... It was written by BURDOCK, the five foot tall unaccomplished closeted homosexual who works for Jim Watkins at The Goldwater.

Burdock is NOT a 'whistleblower' (unless you call Philip's tiny penis a 'whistle') a and has never had any involvement with the military or intelligence communities.

Burdock can't even be considered an actual 'journalist'... (This shitty 'article' contains misspelled words and other typographical errors)

Burdock is ROLE-PLAYING, trying to emulate the ridiculous embarrassing 'Q' format, using the unoriginal copycat moniker 'E', trying to appeal to mouth breathing Christian uneducated ill-informed Qanon losers.

It's funny he'd mention 'child pronography', because Jim Watkins is a known pedophile sex offender, who hired Burdock because he is also a pedophile... (Jim is bisexual, but usually wants sex with underage females, whereas Burdock is 100% homosexual, and always prefers sex with under-aged males)

KarenGenao No. 95389 2021-02-14 : 11:11

My last paycheck was $2500 for working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 8k for months now and she works about 30 hours a week. I can't believe how easy it was once I tried it out. The potential with this is endless.

This is what I do.....

AnonYouMust No. 95689 2021-07-26 : 00:06

Maybe stop blocking fellow patriots who post a song of encouragement (maybe you dont like the person who originally posted the song, but the encouragement to us digital doldiers is/was important), your fine article is well written, but we all want free speech AND encouragement - you didnt have to block me. Fo,t bother defending never gave me that option.

AnonYouMust No. 95690 2021-07-26 : 00:11

Maybe stop blocking fellow patriots who post a song of encouragement (maybe you dont like the person who originally posted the song, but the encouragement to us digital doldiers is/was important), your fine article is well written, but we all want free speech AND encouragement - you didnt have to block me. Dont bother defending never gave me that option.

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