By: Major Burdock | 12-20-2022 | Opinion, Studio
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U.S. District Court Chief Judge John J. McConnell Jr. is a Disgrace to America

U.S. District Court Chief Judge John J. McConnell Jr. of Rhode Island doesn’t understand The United States Constitution and should not be ruling over it. We’re looking into who paid him to get elected and appointed.

The case involves a request by a Chepachet gun store and several Rhode Island gun owners for a preliminary injunction blocking a new law regarding “high capacity magazines.” For the record there is no such thing and the term was invented by anti-gun zealots. On a footnote, neither does the term “assault weapon” exist. Just check with the Associated Press’ Best Practices update regarding exactly this.

Let’s look at the good guys in the story. Big Bear Hunting and Fishing Supply and three Rhode Island residents named in the lawsuit as Mary Brimer, James Grundy, and Jonathan Hirons; and a Newport homeowner who lives in Florida, Jeffrey Goyette.

They argue they were now being “forced to dispose of their privately owned, and legally acquired Standard Capacity Magazines by December 18, 2022, without receiving any compensation, or rights with or without conditions of continued ownership to keep their lawfully acquired property.”

“Should the Citizen Plaintiffs not comply with this requirement, each can now be convicted of a felony, and potentially face five (5) years of incarceration. Further, certain firearms, due to the expiration of their production, and for other reasons, cannot be modified for use with a smaller capacity magazine,” the plaintiffs wrote.

Judge McConnell Jr. ruled the plaintiffs had failed to show that the magazines represented “arms” as stated in the Second Amendment, or presented credible evidence establishing the magazines as a weapon of self-defense.

The judge then suggested that “large-capacity magazines” can be easily be used to convert handguns into semi-automatic weapons capable of rapid fire. Note to judge: most handguns are semi-automatic, including revolvers.

His reasoning? Mass shootings, of course. “Consistent with its obligation to protect public safety, but consonant with its fealty to the Constitution, the Rhode Island General Assembly has responded with, among other firearms regulations, the [large-capacity magazine] Ban. It is inevitable that Rhode Island will one day be the scene of a mass shooting. The LCM Ban is a small but measured attempt to mitigate the potential loss of life by regulating an instrument associated with mass slaughter,” the judge wrote.

“Self-defense” is only pertinent in The Constitution regarding “a well regulated militia.” That means the Government. That means him.

Any reasonable person who has paid attention to the desperate and brazen efforts of the government and present-day “justice system” to confiscate guns must ask themselves “why is is so important for them to take our guns (and other Constitutional Rights) away?

There were two mass shootings last week in Japan and Australia. They’ve already had their guns confiscated.

The answer is clear. These people wish to own and control you, your family, their future and anything that could ever be construed as a threat to their demonic empire.

One thing U.S. District Court Chief Judge John J. McConnell Jr. is right about is that we can modify everything, including our perception of him being a man of sound judgment. We will modify our magazines and make judgment on him. In a court of law, of course.

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