By: Major Burdock | 08-17-2023 | Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: CA Dems Refuse to Pass Child Sex Trafficking Law

CA Dems Refuse to Pass Child Sex Trafficking Law

You would think such a law to stop child sex trafficking would be a no-brainer, but Democrats don’t appear to think so.

Democrats in the Assembly’s Public Safety committee voted down the bill in July, then after outcry and pressure from Governor Gavin Newsom, legislators reconsidered and passed it out of committee.

But on Wednesday, Senator Shannon Grove’s AB 14 was moved into the Assembly Appropriations Committee’s “suspense file.”

“The Appropriations suspense file is a committee procedure where a bill with a fiscal impact of more than $150,000 is held by the committee chair while considerations are made if it should be passed or retained based on the cost,” Grove said.


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