By: Major Burdock | 09-11-2023 | Opinion, Studio
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FBI Uses Blatantly False Data Regarding Mass Shootings

The Crime Prevention Research Center (“CPRC”) has done a deep dive into the FBI’s Active Shooting Reports from 2014-2022 and discovered that the reports grossly underestimate the number of times armed civilians have stopped active shootings. The FBI says that civilians stop fewer than 5% of active shooters, while the actual data say that civilians, on average, stopped over 35% of active shooters, with the number going up to 63.5% if you include defensive use of guns outside of “gun-free guns” (which I call “shooting fish in a barrel” zones).

The essay opens by reminding readers of what happened in July 2022 in Greenwood, Indiana. A man opened fire in a shopping mall, killing three. He was stopped when 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken, a licensed carrier, killed the shooter:

While Dicken was praised for his courage and skill – squeezing off his first shot 15 seconds after the attack began, from a distance of 40 yards – much of the immediate news coverage drew from FBI-approved statistics to assert that armed citizens almost never stop such attackers: “Rare in US for an active shooter to be stopped by bystander” (Associated Press); “Rampage in Indiana a rare instance of armed civilian ending mass shooting” (Washington Post); and “After Indiana mall shooting, one hero but no lasting solution to gun violence” (New York Times).

However, honest data show that all those claims that good guys with guns don’t really matter were a case of “lies, damn lies, and Deep State statistics.”


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