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Male Victim Erasure and Backlash in #MeToo Campaign

In the wake of the Weinstein sex abuse and assault allegations, social media has been abuzz with the #metoo hashtag campaign. Despite the beautiful idea underpinning the campaign it didn't take long for me to notice a couple of disturbing trends. The Christian Science Monitor's headline is a perfect example of the erasure of men's issues. "Women join forces against sexual assault with 'me too' social media campaign."

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Nobody believes men when they say they have been abused. <br>They are ridiculed and taunted. <br><br>men abuse is real<br> <a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#meToo</a></p>&mdash; sherry ShayD (@sherry_shay) <a href="">October 16, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Why only women, though? Oh, right, because according to the narrative, men can only be the aggressors in physical or sexual assault situations. This situation cuts fairly deep as well. The legal definition of rape renders a woman literally incapable of rape unless she penetrates her victim for instance. I, for one, am an egalitarian and as such believe that a woman is capabe of anything that a man could do. That includes evils and atrocities. Oddly, the "halo effect" that protects women from stiff sentences a man might receive isn't considered one of the "dangerous gender stereotypes" feminism is concerned with eradicating.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Women to men.<br>Men to women.<br>Women to women.<br>Men to men. <br><br>This happens daily.<br>HUMAN TO HUMAN.<br>It needs to stop.<a href=";ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#MeToo</a></p>&mdash; Emily Pawluk (@emipaw) <a href="">October 16, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Then there was the <i>Salon</i> treatment:

<quote>We can’t ignore that the same kinds of men prey on men and boys, too.</quote>

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<strong><h4>Derailing FTW</strong></h4>

Because only men can rape, remember. (Oh, and please do ignore the complicity of several female staffers who acted as honeypots to lure victims and/or engaged in the cover-up of Weinstein's abuses)

Myriam S. Denov of McGill professor at the School of Social Work at the McGill University wrote the book on female sex perpetration, <i>Perspectives on Female Sex Offending: A Culture of Denial</i>.

<blockquote>“While the prevalence rates of female sex offending are small when compared to rates of male sex offending, there is evidence to suggest that sexual abuse by females may be under-recognized,” “Perspectives on Female Sex Offending: A Culture of Denial.”</blockquote>

Dr. Denov warns of “a widespread denial of women as potential sexual aggressors that could work to obscure the true dimensions of the problem."

In 19% of the cases of sexual assault by a person in a figure of authority, the abuser was female. An international review of statistics revealed around 10% of sexual offenders were female. Despite that, less than 2% of the incarcerated sex offender population is behind bars. A 2012 study from the US Census Bureau reports an astounding 43.6% of responders who admitted to forcing sex on another were female.

Or take the treatment of Corey Feldman, for instance. The child actor famed for his part in The Lost Boys has been speaking out about the rampant sexual abuse and child exploitation in Hollywood. When he advised parents of children who wanted to act against getting involved in a scene full of rapists and rape enablers, Barbara Walters disparaged Corey for "damaging an entire industry."

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

<strong><h4>All victims should be believed, but men fib</strong></h4>

Probably the most gut-wrenching for me was seeing, first hand via screencaps, the #MeToo backlash against male victims. Are the feminists who are basically telling guys to "just man up" guilty of toxic masculinity, I wonder? This feminist who urged the male victim of abuse to remember to focus on how many women don't commit these crimes. No seriously, did she just #NotAllWomen?

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One brave soul admitted he'd been taken advantage of multiple times. He faced ridicule. "I was six for f*ck's sake." Was met with, "Jesus Christ, there's always that guy." What, you mean the guy who faced abuse and mistreatment several times and no matter how many times he tried to open up was shut down? Yeah, F*CK THAT GUY!

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<strong><h4>Damn VICTIMS being VICTIMIZED and all!</strong></h4>

The most sickening type of victim blaming and shifting of culpability occurs occasionally when a man is willing to bare his painful past. Then there are accusations of "derailing the argument." Because evidently, #metoo is only about men abusing women. #metoo for men is likened to All Lives Matter or "screaming about testicular cancer at a breast cancer awareness rally" as the tired old platitude goes.

Greg shared his experience over the years:

Things I’ve been told or experienced when being overheard admitting to having been raped by a woman as a child…It's nowhere near exhaustive.


You must have wanted it.


You’re lucky.

You’re privileged by it.

Women never do that sort of thing.

It’s harmless.


I’ve been hit.

I’ve been threatened.

I’ve been called a poofter, a fag, gay, a misogynist.

I’ve been told it’s hateful to women.

I’ve had feminists, who have also done all of the above, patiently explain how my male privilege prevented my aunt from NOT doing what she did.

Brent was also willing to open up for this article:

"For me, I have been blackmailed into sex because my ex-used to self-injure if I turned down sex with her. What do I do with that? What do I call that? I was with her for ten years. My consent was whittled away.

She was an abuse victim herself. When we first got together she used to wrestle with me to get my pants open. I'd say "no" and push he off. If she had had the strength, she would have forced me but she didn't. So she learned other means.

What do I need to call that? Rape, coerced sex, abuse? Doesn't matter to me. It was traumatizing and formative.

I think my experiences matter. I think men;s and women's experiences matter.

Leave the tallying to the fembots. We're on about life and talking."

To be perfectly clear, I am <i>not</i> attempting to "derail the conversation" or demean any survivors of any sort of sexual abuse or harassment. These kinds of horrendous acts leave scars for life. It is completely unconscionable and anyone who has gone through any sort of abuse of this nature has my full sympathy. Sadly, not everyone feels all victims of abuse have a right to be heard.

Many thanks to those fearless anti-feminists at Honey Badger Radio as well as Brent, Sean, David, and Greg. Only the names of the victimizers have been completely obscured because to quote Vonnegut "since God Almighty protects the innocent as a matter of Heavenly routine."

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6 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 9780 2017-10-17 : 05:13

This feminist who urged the male victim of abuse to remember to focus on how many women don't commit these crimes

Anonymous No. 9781 2017-10-17 : 05:14

I’ve been told it’s hateful to women.

pablo fontecilla No. 9854 2017-10-18 : 04:10

Reality is violence and aggression are coming from the feminist spectrum of society, towards men at large. EVERY MAN. You, me, their father and their children.

Peter Gauci No. 9865 2017-10-18 : 07:35

I was sexually harassed by a woman at the University of Queensland where I was told to put up with females flirting with me.

This one eventually crossed the line which had been set for me - explicitly asking me out. I asked her to leave me to leave me alone. She wouldn't take no for an answer.

She explicitly threatened me via email for refusing to date her. That's sexual harassment.

But what happened? She falsely accused me, her victim, of sexually harassing her. And because I'm a man and she's a woman, I was immediately instructed to apologise without even being told what I'd been accused of.

All I could apologise for was not asking her to leave me alone sooner.

Still, the university wouldn't even consider that I'd been sexually harassed and they viciously bullied me until I left, up to an including the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of the investigation publicly insulting me at a workshop in a way which she thought terribly clever and that only I would understand.

Except that someone else there understood it, went on record and refused all the of the attempts to bully her into forgetting.

My harasser and false accuser dropped her transparently malicious complaint the moment they told her I was gay. She even wrote a lengthy confession about how she lied about everything, bizarrely claiming to have always known that I was gay and that she falsely accused me for my own good. Don't try to understand to crazy.

Did that help me? No, because my employer refused to consider her confession - despite having other samples of her handwriting which she had submitted - on the curious grounds that it came into existence after the investigation began.

Instead they found me partially guilty on the grounds of a confession they falsely claim I made in a document where I most definitely didn't.

I took it court. The judge conceded that I had definitely been harassed, but not sexually harassed. I was explicitly threatened for refusing to date a woman. She made good on the threat. I was run out of my job. In Australia that's not sexual harassment. Sorry guys. You literally don't have the legal right to say no to a woman in this country.

Male victims get it coming and going and then everyone wants to silence you.

And my harasser didn't stop harassing me after I'd been run out of my job either. She kept peppering me with false complaints. Successfully got out an AVO out against me using faked death and rape threat emails she sent herself.

The police ISP traced the origin of those back to her and got her to confess to fabricating them. But they didn't press charges, even with her being on probation at the time for attempting to strangle her ex-boyfriend in front of witnesses.

Me - I'm a quiet, gay vegetarian (because I don't believe in harming others for my own benefit) who had plenty of colleagues eager to step forward to speak to my good character. I had personally supported two female victims of harassment just within our own department.

None of that mattered in the slightest.

All that mattered was my gender.

wolfy No. 9890 2017-10-18 : 15:05

Damn peter, that's really fucked up.

I keep seeing women posting "sexual harassement and assault" is only perpetrated by men, so you men have to solve this issue.

I am amazed at the level of narcissism displayed. They don't even think for a moment of the possibility of women being actual perpetrators … unbelievable …

Daniel Hassard No. 9997 2017-10-20 : 04:46

This state of affairs is sad but true. I can also testify to the fact that when I mention my abuser (I was 6 yrs old) and her assaults, people's eye's just glaze over, not out of disrespect but out of the fact that they have NO reference points - no way to make this information gel with what they think they already know.

The feminists have been so successful with their "victim" narrative because no one ever WANTS to deal with the fallout of said behaviour. It's easy to become apathetic and apathy is encouraged by the Australian domestic abuse/violence industry. The ONLY thing they care about is money, money and more money. How to get it?

Easily enough in such a PC left controlled country such as this. Just scream at the top of your lungs that men bash women. Wimmins always victim. Easy enough to remember that isn't it?

Their days however, are numbered. Within the next ten years these hardcore leftists will have been squeezed from power, it will be a process that causes them pain and extreme discomfort. So, until we have swept the far left out and replaced it with the center right we will be dealing with the same issues that plague us today, in this instance dv by female perpetrator against a man or a child. The doublethink and mental gymnastics one must participate in to have a dialogue with these idiots is way, way too much to ask (gendered pronouns, identity politics, intersectionality etc ) the average Australian /Westerner to go along with.

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