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Art Or Just A Good Idea?: Marina Abramović To Shock Herself With 1 Million Volts

Marina Abramović is set to shock audiences with her latest performance piece, but this one is actually going to shock her, literally. A 71-year-old Abramović is set to allow herself to be charged with 1 million volts of electricity, and the man delivering the shock will be an English goat farmer. Her upcoming art piece is more science than art and is something akin to your grandma trying to compete with David Blaine.

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Abramović's solo retrospective at London's Royal Academy of Arts will mark the first time a female artist has taken over the institution's main gallery. The Serbian-born performance artist has been tossing around some ideas for her new performance, one idea was to have blood spewing out of every orifice of her body but that idea was tossed.

Adam Lowe's Factum Arte studio is set to help Abramović setup the potentially dangerous stunt involving "a goat farmer from Dorset called Dwight Perry" who will make a full-body electricity system based on the principals of Kirlian photography. Lowe said, "Electricity is something that people really don’t understand. If you look on the Internet though, you will see people becoming highly charged and as long as they are insulated, you can fly bits of lightning out of your fingers."

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Abramović has made a name for herself through her unique style of performance art, but she has also been implicated in some questionable circumstances when her emails were exposed as part of a leak. Hillary Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta and his brother Tony both had their emails leaked and in them were some suspicious communications with everyone from Obama to Abramović.

Some have suggested certain emails refer to illegal activity using code words. In one email, Abramović and Tony Podesta invite John to a "Spirit Cooking" dinner. This is particularly disturbing since <a href="">"Spirit Cooking"</a> refers to Abramović's art piece where she paints with pigs blood and implies child sacrifice.

Abramović said regarding being the first female artist to perform at the halls, "The scent of testosterone that lingers in the hallways will be aired out and what will remain is the energy of art without gender. The smell of estrogen will be flowing through the halls."

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Anonymous No. 22638 2018-04-08 : 08:57

Jesus.. her art reminds me of that stuff they do at Bohemian Grove, AND she's close with the odesta's? Definitely something creepy going on with her..

Anonymous No. 22662 2018-04-08 : 14:41

AMP's kills, not Voltage.


Numerous High voltage stun guns produce at or over 1 million volts.

According to several technical sources it takes approximately 100 to 200+ milliamps to kill a average person. Most stun guns use 750,000 to 1 million volts delivered at between 3 to 5 milliamps.

BTW: if she is using a Faraday Cage situation ANY ONE could take Lighting strike.

Anonymous No. 22665 2018-04-08 : 15:24

1 million volts even at milliamperes can kill a person easily if certain precautions are not adhered to. An example nowhere near the million mark is a neon sign transformer. I have a rather large example at 15,000 volts and 60 milliamperes that could easily cause heart fibulations and death.

This could be her "way out" that seems accidental? Lotsa sealed indictments and she might think death by her own design is better than the shit a lot of us are pretty sure she's involved with.

Anonymous No. 22674 2018-04-08 : 20:00

22665 - "….60 milliamperes that could easily cause heart fibulations and death."

We agree millamps are the deadly part not the stage press show of a MILLION VOLTS.

Anonymous No. 22687 2018-04-09 : 00:30

she's cwazy!!

Lori strawhun No. 22690 2018-04-09 : 01:14

Hopefully it’ll kill the witch

Militia No. 22763 2018-04-10 : 06:13

Impress me, 1,000,000 AMPs from top of head to feet, (not milli anything).

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