By: Philip | 09-16-2022 | Opinion, Studio
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Our President Has Serious Cognitive Decline Issues

I am not saying this to be mean. I am not being sarcastic, or glib. Joe Biden has a history of bald faced lies and bad policies going back decades, but at least when he was Vice President under Obama he could speak without slurring or forgetting what he was saying in the middle of a sentence. It may not be dementia or Alzheimer's but it is some sort of cognitive decline, likely age related and even in the time since the campaign to here near the midterms it has gotten worse.

Not that the alternative is much better. Our Vice President is a meaningless platitude, empty discourse and non sequitur truism machine on camera and the speaker of the house herself can barely string three words together without a slur. It's a frightening thought on the one hand, almost comfortingly though you can bet that those highly placed elected officials are not the ones steering the platforms and policies of our government. That's been up to the lobbyists, think tanks and policy institutes for years anyway.

This is part I in a three part series, the majority of these clips are recent from this or last year. Part two will be more of the evidence that our president is seriously addled by advanced age. It's ironic that past the era of "Ok, boomer" and "no more old, white men leaders" liberals would elect the oldest (and perhaps whitest) of men.

Biden is a segregationist who said he didn't want his children to live in a "racial jungle." Even after segregationist he supported segregationist policies and bragged that he would do well campaigning in the south as "Delaware was a slave state." Not surprising from the author of the crime bill supported by Hillary Clinton during her speech in the 90s characterizing black teens as "super predators."

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