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Japan's Annual Penis Festival In Photos

Japan's Annual Penis Festival In Photos

In Japan, they have very open view on sex and nothing shows the country's unabashed attitude toward sexy time more than the Penis Festival. Every year since 1969 in Kawasaki, Japan, people celebrate the Festival of the Steel Phallus. The Penis Festival, also known as Kanamara Matsuri, is a spiritual event celebrating the penis and fertility.

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The festival is held every year on the first Sunday of April and participants parade through the city with gigantic phallic-shaped mikoshi which are portable Shinto shrines. Other festivities include sucking on penis lollipops, posing with the giant penis sculptures and collecting any penis souvenirs they can.

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The festival hosts as many as 50,000 attendees and also teaches visitors about safe sex and raises money for charities for people with HIV. The festival is said to have originated from traditions dating as far back as the 1600s when Kawasaki sex workers would pray at the Kanayama Shrine for protection from STDs.

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People still attend the festival to this day to pray for good fortune and as for protection from STDs. A priest at the shrine named Hiroyuki Nakamura said, "The festival is steeped in the past, but still has a valuable part to play in modern society." A legend also surrounds the festival of a sharp-toothed demon who planted himself in a woman's vagina when she rejected him.

When the woman tried to have sex with her husband the demon bit the man's penis until she paid a blacksmith to create a steel phallus that would break the demon's teeth.

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Lynn M Rost No. 22625 2018-04-08 : 04:03

Sorry i feel this is very disdurbing to say the least wow

Anonymous No. 22626 2018-04-08 : 04:12

You're not allowed to celebrate masculinity in America, this festival would be banned and protested, props to the Japanese for not being closeminded

Jeffrey Allen No. 22627 2018-06-12 : 13:38

Brings a whole new meaning to the insult of calling someone a "dickhead".

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