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CNN Unleashes Desperate Attack On Independent Content Creators

CNN has continued their desperate flailing attack against free speech and independent media with an attack on YouTube that hits them where it hurts. In their wallet. By scaring off advertisers by pointing out how ads show up on "far right extremist" channels like Wife With A Purpose, Black Pigeon Speaks and (brace for it) InfoWars has already resulted in several major advertisers pulling their ads from any YouTube content until the situation is resolved.

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When the Las Vegas conspiracy theories began to spread the cries of "fake news" began to resound again. When the YouTube shooter's conspiratorial worldview and concerns about YouTube censorship was revealed as a motive I knew this would only add fuel to the fire. The capstone was this weekend with crackhead Rambo AKA Travis "Illuminati is Real" Reinking being revealed as a "dangerous, unhinged tinfoil hat type."

The Goldwater's own YouTube channel has been blocked from livestreaming since after the Valentine's Day shooting for making a reference to false flags in one of our episodes. Spoiler alert: we only mentioned that YouTube channels that referred to it as a false flag had their videos pulled. Evidently even noticing is a thoughtcrime now.

The CNN "expose" delves into the tired trope of Russian bot ads, of course. Ah the "army of bots spreading propaganda" and the cruel and YouTube and other gatekeepers enabling a situation that results in "hate speech going viral." CNN even references how YouTube, Google and Facebook have become "gatekeepers of content" and there's the rub, right there.

The marketplace of ideas is referenced. In case you're wondering, by the way, it's neatly demarcated into "racists vs. anti-racists" evidently. I guess this is why the ADL (a trusted YouTube flagger) is categorizing "9/11 conspiracy theories" as hate speech. Also why the SPLC (also a trusted YouTube flagger) is calling people like feminist and Democrat Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers a "male supremacy enabler." We're just safeguarding the "marketplace of ideas" to tilt the table against the "racists." And remember kids, anything that isn't your personal world-view and ideology is automatically racist.

When Newsweek wrote about it they referenced YouTube running ads "for major brands on channels promoting Nazis, pedophilia, propaganda." Amazon, Cisco, Mozilla, Under Armour, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Nissan, 20th Century Fox and the Jewish National Fund were all called out by name in the CNN piece. After Charlottesville when the Daily Stormer lost their DDoS protection from CloudFlare because "they were jerks" (this from the man who pulled the plug itself). The free speech canary in the coal mine of cyberspace has seen better days.


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Johnny Neptune No. 24061 2018-04-24 : 17:15

Not surprising

Phil No. 24064 2018-04-24 : 18:17


Wow, I got a comment from Johnny Neptune that wasn't doused in disapproval before it was slathered in sardonic sarcasm!


Vivek No. 24549 2018-04-29 : 12:30

Not surprising at all. CNN has become a laughing albeit monstrous joke among news readers because of its corrupt practices and interference in the US election.

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