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Automated AI Censorship Brought To You By The ADL

From the folks who claimed that Pepe the Frog was a "hate symbol" around the same time as explaining that the OK hand sign couldn't be because hate symbols don't appear overnight, a new "machine learning based model" to automate censorship for the people. The ADL has released a new ad explaining how their new Online Hate Index will help deal with the supposed increase in online hate and how to deal with it. Bubbles entitled "the donald," "men's rights," "911 truth," "first amendment," "censorship," "conspiracy," etc. are revealed as a visual representation of the new machine learning model's foray into the gritty world of online hate speech.

The video features Brittan Heller, ADL's Director of the Center for Technology & Society. Heller explains how the ADL has been working with Berkeley University (once the home of the "free speech movement" 50 years ago, now home to the "end free speech movement") to "study targeted populations, examine multiple social media sites and deploy broadly" the new machine learning model that aims to make deleting "wrongthink" from the internet even simpler. Some of the groundbreaking and vital technological breakthroughs Berkeley and the ADL are working on include finding out the average number of all caps words in Hate vs. Non-Hate comments (spoiler alert: it's 1.2 to 1). Meanwhile, they will use their online hate index to develop "community-based definitions of hate speech." Which communities though and what kind of hate?

It's interesting to note that nowhere on the site or in the video does the ADL actually define "hate speech." Nexus News Feed points out the tricky matter of automating censorship to protect from what is subjectively viewed as "hate speech:"

<blockquote>The dangerous precedent set for censoring the list above and deeming it hate speech is as follows. Censoring 9/11 truth one would have to ignore the dancing Israelis who said they were there to document the event, a van with a 9/11 mural painted found along with bombs on the George Washington Bridge, as well as the other white Urban Moving System white vans and the documented arrests of Mossad agents. Further, a person would need to completely ignore the insider trading that happened that day as documented by German security firm Convar. And that’s just scratching the surface of questions still no one has yet been able to explain how a building collapses in a controlled demolition matter from a fire like building 7.

In fact, the University Of Alaska recently did a study on just that, finding that WTC 7 did not fall due to fire, contradicting NIST who said the building collapsed from structural damages due to the fire.

Just so the ADL doesn’t call me anti-Semitic, I’ll leave a clear note that I am not blaming one of the other bubbles ADL came up with: “the Jews.” I am simply stating documented facts with questions lingering in response to the nonprofit seeking to censor “9/11 truth.”

The next topic in the bubble chart and perhaps the most dangerous that sticks out is the overall belief in any type of conspiracy being “hate speech.”</a>

So even noticing when powerful groups (like the ADL for instance) are conspiring (say with Israel, for instance) would be considered hate speech? The Nexus article points out that ADL actually has quite a bit of history of conspiring with Israel and others. They have targeted left and right-wing activist groups in the past often with help from police agencies, "deploying broadly" campaigns of surveillance, intimidation and harassment to those who would oppose their greater goals. Though the Anti-Defamation League supposedly was born to protect Jews from anti-Semitism, Jews who speak out against Israel, Zionism or concentrated Jewish power and/or corruption and overreach are not protected by the group. In 1993 it was found that the ADL was keeping files on up to 12,000 people involved in nearly 1,000 political groups, papers and labor unions. There were racist groups among those being surveilled, but some were simply activists or other groups including the ACLU, AIDS activists, Jews for Jesus, Mother Jones magazine, Greenpeace, NAACP and the Center for Investigative Reporting.

The files were seized by the FBI and it was discovered that files included information on several members of Congress including Nancy Pelosi, Ron Dellums (House Armed Services Committee), Rep. Pete McCloskey, among others. The LA Times reported that some of this information weas sold to the South African government and authorities alleged that the confidential information was illegally obtained from law enforcement agencies. In fact, David Gurvitz, an associate of the ADL communicated with Israeli officials to see that a pro-Palestinian activist was kept out of Israel. Tom Gerard, the police officer who helped blow the lid off of this bombshell of investigative reporting fled to the Philippines after being interviewed by the FBI but left behind a briefcase in his police locker that included several passports and driver's licenses, identification cards in 10 different names and his own name for four separate embassies in Central America.

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The ADL and SPLC, by the way, have made it clear that they are closely related to the recent YouTube purge (which hit The Goldwater as well) and it's becoming more and more clear that tech giants like Facebook and Twitter and YouTube have no interest in making their platform safer for children or removing exploitative content or exploiters but if someone complains of hurt feelings and are members of certain "protected groups" it's only instants before the (subjectively) offensive material is flagged and removed. With this new automated technology, SPLC and ADL eventually won't even have to pay someone to sit and watch "offensive" videos and tag and flag them. Welcome to 1984, ladies and gentlemen.


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