By: Major Burdock | 08-05-2022 | Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: Felix Wong

World's Largest Floating Restaurant Meets Mysterious Demise

Chinese press (CCP) started reporting in late June that Jumbo Floating Restaurant, an iconic Hong Kong attraction had sunk in 3,000 feet of water somewhere in The West Philippine Sea. Those reports were soon corrected, indicating the massive vessel had "capsized." After over a month of pressure from international maritime organizations rightfully concerned about this being a navigational hazard, China has finally disclosed that the restaurant is now inverted on a reef in the Paracel Islands, Philippines.

The Paracels are, like countless other islands that don't belong to them, among those which China claims to be theirs. They are responding to the "accident due to weather" by sending out a team to "investigate." Bullshit.

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