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MAGA: 2 Convicted Child Rapists Busted Coming Back into the US

Brilliant work by the United States of America's Border Patrol Agents, who have detained two Federal Criminal Illegal Aliens crossing into the United States of America in which have both been convicted of sex crimes and deported in the past.

According to the United States Customs and Border Patrol, each of the two Illegals who were captured are serious threats to society and to children as well.

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Carrizo Springs Station and the Eagle Pass Station arrested convicted sex offenders in two separate incidents.

The Border Patrol Agents assigned in Carrizo Springs, arrested a Honduran National, 43-year-old Rogelio Zelaya-Pineda, on Highway 277 South near Carrizo Springs.

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Once the Federal Agents began a record check of Rogelio Zelaya-Pineda, results showed that he was convicted back in 2001 for a felony sex crime involving a child in Stark County, Ohio.

Yes, this Federal Criminal Illegal Alien was a child raping pedophile. Get him the hell out of our country, or better yet send his ass back in a pine box or even bury him in the desert.

That same day, Border Patrol Agents who were assigned to the Eagle Pass Station, arrested 33-year-old Jesus Andres Garrido-Cuevas, a Mexican National, for illegally crossing the border near the Eagle Pass Station on El Indio Highway.

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After performing a record check on Jesus Andres Garrido Cuevas, results showed that he had a 2009 felony conviction for aggravated sexual abuse in McHenry County, Illinois, and another sexual assault of a child in Jefferson County, Wisconsin.

Yes, once again this Federal Criminal Illegal Alien had not only raped a woman in Illinois, but molested a child in Wisconsin.

I repeat, kill these pedophiles, leave them in the desert, or send them the hell back in the form of ashes and an urn.

Both of these animals are convicted felons, who also were previously deported from the United States.

Each faces a new Federal charge, as per the Trump Administration's guidance to the Department of Justice to make convicted felons re-entering the United States of America Federal Criminals

That statute, 8 USC § 1326 – re-entry after deportation, carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison, but honestly should carry a sentence of death for sex offenders and pedophiles.

“These types of offenders have already caused irreparable harm to others,” said Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Felix Chavez. “These two arrests highlight the threat our nation faces from individuals who circumvent ports of entry to avoid inspection.”

Both of these perverted animals do not deserve to live after raping and molesting innocent American children.

Each of them have been deported in the past, and serve as a reminder as to why we need to BUILD THE WALL across our Southern Border.

A HUGE thank you to<a href="">Customs and Border Patrol for these captures</a>, but there are many more just like these two disgusting illegals who are still flooding into America.

If you see any suspicious Federal Criminal Illegal Aliens, be sure to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423).

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Anonymous No. 14398 2017-12-20 : 22:58

hang them from the wall

X No. 14419 2017-12-21 : 08:00

Round up some of he taco-eating borderhoppers and send 'em back to Mexico in boxes. Small ones, each containg a body part. We'll se if the wetbacks are smart enough to get it.

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