By: Philip | 04-21-2021 | Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: Dreamstime | The Goldwater

China Committed to Climate Change Reform?

China's president and leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jiping, says he is committed to helping end climate change. That said, have you ever flown in to Shanghai? Smog that makes L.A. look positively pastoral. How will the only G20 nation to increase coal use in the last year save the environment? Your guess is as good as mine...

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Anonymous No. 95538 2021-04-21 : 12:46

I can always tell when an article has been written by Philip Fairbanks...

Because it seems like a woman wrote it.

Anonymous No. 95539 2021-04-21 : 12:48

And every article Philip writes is completely superfluous

Anonymous No. 95540 2021-04-21 : 12:49


Q: which of these four Minnesota Department of Corrections inmates is the one who eventually kills inmate Chauvin by placing their knee into his neck and pressing into the concrete prison floor on January 12th 2022?

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