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Birds Aren't Real? Newsweek Stumped By Master Trolls

"Birds Aren't Real Movement Calls Newsweek's Story 'Blasphemous' Vows to Uncover 'Avian Genocide'" reads the headline from late March of this year. Ok, fine Newsweek, we get it. You want to sell ad space, just like these guys wanna sell tshirts, but I have more respect for the satirist than the "journalists" who bite the bait. Check out the story from one "bird truther" in Memphis, Tennessee who managed a local news spot after erecting a giant "Birds Aren't Real" billboard in the city that birthed the blues. Sadly, one of the worst things about the social media era is how it has affected headlines and the type and tone of news stories. Since print media has practically died it's a battle for clicks and clickbait always wins in that fight.

Unless that is, birds are in fact secretly government surveillance drones. Learn more and join the "bird truther" movement at

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Anonymous No. 95557 2021-04-28 : 17:53

You stupid fucking piece of shit.

That billboard has been on Highland Street and Southern Avenue forever...

It's right next to WHBQ and Brother Juniper's...

You stupid fucking piece of shit.

Anonymous No. 95558 2021-04-28 : 17:55

Brother Juniper's has THE BEST BREAKFAST ON EARTH...

Best breakfast restaurant ever... Simply ask the customers...

Anonymous No. 95559 2021-04-28 : 17:57

Here's Brother Juniper's, you sack of shit

Anonymous No. 95560 2021-04-28 : 18:10

They don't have anything like Brother Junipers in McMinnville...

Q No. 95579 2021-05-25 : 02:34

"Es ist eine schöne Ehre die die Frauenzimmer haben, die einen halben Zoll vom Arsch abliegt.", Schopenhauer once said

Anonymous No. 95653 2021-06-30 : 15:46


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