By: Philip | 04-19-2021 | Weird, Opinion, Studio
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Royal Bank of Canada Conspiracy Theories & Possibilities of Coming Economic Collapse

Jim Cramer, in his typically manic manner warned people to hold on to Bear Stearns just days before their initial crash signaled the beginning of the 2008 housing crisis and incumbent recession. A lot of conspiracy talk about Royal Bank of Canada and some odd after hours trade activity over the weekend led to a realization of how even though RBC is likely not going under now or any time soon, the possibility of entangled banks collapsing and the market being sucked into the hole they leave in the floor.

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Dave No. 95536 2021-04-20 : 16:32

What article? Do you call 2 sentences an article?

Anonymous No. 95621 2021-06-12 : 19:17

Watkins u are truly one of a kind. Keep fuckin killinn em

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