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Why Streisand Cloned Her Dog

Barbara Streisand recently revealed that her current dogs, Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet, had been created in a lab, made from the genetic material of her beloved dog Samantha, who passed away last year.

Ms Streisand has faced criticism for the operation which comes at a hefty price ticket, with many commentators stating it is unethical to spend so much money cloning a dog when she could be helping many human beings with those sums.

Furthermore, she’s already revealed that it might have been a mistake as the dogs look like her former one, but certainly don’t behave like her.

“I’m waiting for them to get older so I can see if they have her brown eyes and her seriousness,” the singer explained.

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Today, after all the commotion, she penned a letter to the press to explain exactly why she decided to take the step saying she was heartbroken by the loss of her dog after 14 years together and that a friend had told her about the dog cloning.

Ms Streisand saw that dog and was so impressed that her veterinarian took cells from inside the cheek and the skin from her beloved dying pet Samantha just before passing away.

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Afterward, the cells were sent to ViaGen Pets in Texas who created to new dogs out of it.

Price tag: $50,000


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James Brolin is next.

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