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3 Years Without Trial And Alleged Serial Sex Predator Coach Still Free

Despite 16 counts of sex crimes against minors including statutory rape, aggravated rape and kidnapping Coffee County, Tennessee Central High School head baseball coach Brad Weir is still free. Weir was set for court March 19 but the trial was delayed early the same morning when District Attorney General Craig Northcott claimed the 47-year-old man would be unable to stand trial.

<blockquote>“This morning Mr. Weir’s attorneys reported to me and to the court that Mr. Weir was not available for trial. At approximately 10 p.m. eastern time [Sunday] Mr. Weir contacted police with a complaint that he had been shot in the leg. He was transported to Erlanger [medical center] where he still is as of 10 a.m. this morning. Reports are that it’s not life threatening,” Northcott said.</blockquote>

Weir was initially arrested over three years ago on February 3, 2015 for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old female student from Raider Academy. He was freed on a bond of $100,000. In June of 2015 he was suspended after being indicted by the Coffee County grand jury on one count of statutory rape by an authority, one count of aggravated rape, one count of sexual exploitation of a minor, seven counts of especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor and six counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. Despite pleading not guilty, the former Coffee County Raider Academy physical education teacher and Central High School coach seems to have <a href="">posted the following on his own Facebook page</a> as BN Weir, "If you believe that 15 year old from TN was abducted you are a fool. She knew exactly what she was doing!"

After Manchester Times reached out to Weir, the alleged sexual predator claimed that the account was not his. Within minutes of this correspondence through Facebook messenger the name on the post was changed to "JC Wwewe" and shortly after that the post was removed from the page. Manchester Times' own independent investigation revealed that Weir's arrest in 2015 followed a string of six separate, one-year stints where he was shuffled around liked a disgraced priest from school to school in Georgia with some "inauspicious history" with some of the women he worked at.

Warren County's Commissioner Michael Wilcher sent the following to David and Bryan Hoss of the Chattanooga, Tennessee law firm representing Weir as well as to various members of the media, local government officials:

<blockquote>"I can supply you my sworn affidavit that northcott has been in possession of for probably 2 years now. Higher up elected officials have had it that long at least as well. News outlets in Nashville have also received it in the past as well as the Board of Professional responsibility and the board of judicial conduct in Nashville. Nothing has ever been done about this instance even though judge Dallas powers in Warren County Ohio lost his judgeship because of the exact same situation. I knew about it because the judges secretary told me directly sometimes on a daily basis. That secretary went on to become an attorney and his wife and now practices in the public defender's office in opposition to the DA's office. That judges wife was weirs attorney. The probation officer went on to become an attorney and now works for Northcott.

The affidavit is contained in some of my Facebook post which is always public. But for affect you could always travel to Warren County and get a copy out of the wilcher divorce filed at the Warren County Courthouse or you can ask district attorney Craig northcott for a copy since he has received it over and over again in emails from me emails that I carbon copy many elected officials people at the b o j c and b o p r and Nashville media. Now I in no way condone what your client has been alleged to have done and if he has done it I hope he gets the maximum penalty but I also do not agree that misconduct should be allowed in a district attorney's office public defender's office or in our court rooms by those that judge. the fact is Craig northcott has had years to deal with this and instead of dealing with his conflicts of interest within his own office and misconduct he has knowledge of he actually accused me of possibly committing a crime in one of his email replies. To which I replied you are the top Prosecuting officerand if you believe I have committed a crime it is your duty to prosecute me. I never heard another word from him other than he told me not to contact him again on the matter."</blockquote>


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Anonymous No. 21102 2018-03-21 : 14:36

thehell is this shit? sounds like the guy has been doing this for years and not even gotten a slap on the wrist. how much you wanna bet bullet nearly grazed him and was self inflicted to get him out of the trial. someone needs to finish the job off for real…

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