By: Savannah Smith | 08-28-2018 | News
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Colorado - Man Hires Dog Sitter, Comes Home To Find Two Men Have Sex in His Couch

A dog owner from Colorado Springs hired the services of a dog sitter through a popular app called Wag! to ensure his pet will be looked after properly while he’s out only to return home to discover his beloved dog traumatized, with strangers inside his home and the horrific smell of “after sex” all over his living room.

Klete Keller came home early Monday morning , around 1 a.m., and was horrified with what he discovered. Keller said there was a disgusting smell all over the house, and more shocking was the sight of two shirtless men, strangers to him, sitting on his couch.

The homeowner immediately asked the strangers to leave his home, but that was not the end of the horrific things he discovered. He also saw other shocking things. Keller shared: “There was an open bottle of personal lubricant and a camcorder on the end table, so it's pretty self-explanatory what was going on.”

He also found what appeared to be body fluids on his couch.

The dog sitter he hired was nowhere to be found. Keller learned later that she was in the bathroom then taking a shower.

Keller said that the worst thing is he found his dog, Jimbo, locked in a bedroom, sitting in his own urine and acting terrified. It totally defeated the purpose of hiring a dog sitter when his pet looked neglected and scared. Keller also added: "It was just, just a total mess and I can only imagine what poor Jimbo saw in there.”

Strangely, the dog sitter hired by Keller had a rating of 4.96 out of 5 and had completed a combination of 305 walks and dog sittings.

Wag! for its part said they’re addressing the matter. It said in a statement:

“We have launched an investigation into this incident and have suspended the sitter from our platform. The circumstances around this incident are unacceptable, and we expect everyone on our platform to conduct themselves in a professional manner. The trust and safety of the Wag! community is a top priority, and we are working with the dog’s owner to restore his trust. ”

Wag! also said that they have an extensive vetting process that includes a SSN Trace (an Identity Check), a Facial Recognition Check (against all official documents provided), a Document Check, a National Criminal Check, a CountyCriminal Check, a Sex Offender Check and a Global Watchlist check. In this case, the walker/sitter involved passed all of them. 

The dog sitter whose identity the authorities have decided not to release said she is sorry for the wrong she’s done. It is not clear yet if she will face other charges, aside from having lost her job at WAG!


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Anonymous No. 35362 2018-08-28 : 08:43

oh gosh poor dog, traumatized by "pigs", gay people.

Anonymous No. 35363 2018-08-28 : 08:44

poor dog, traumatized by gay people, utter pigs!

Anonymous No. 35439 2018-08-29 : 07:12

The smell of feces must have been overwhelming. AIDS related butt drool.. Nasty

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