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Brazil - Haunting Footage Shows Husband Dragging Wife’s Corpse Into Elevator

Disturbing new footage has emerged showing a wife desperately fighting off her husband before the horrific moment when he strangled her to death and threw her body out of a window.

Police have released shocking footage of the final moment's lawyer Tatiane Spitzner was brutally attacked by her husband inside an elevator before being violently strangled then thrown from a fourth-floor apartment in Brazil.

The footage showed the haunting levels of aggression by Luis Felipe Manvailer on his wife.

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CCTV images captured in the car park and elevator showed the wife tried to get away from her violent husband.

Manvailer earlier claimed that his wife jumped out of their fourth-floor apartment window suggesting suicide. Results of the forensic investigation revealed on the contrary that she died of strangulation.

The bloody and broken body of the 29-year-old victim was found inside the couple’s apartment on July 22. Manvailer was initially adamant that they had an argument that drove her to throw herself off the balcony in their flat.

The police, however, have always suspected that the 32-year-old university biology lecturer had murdered his wife of five years.

Findings of the probe showed imprints of a pair of hands on the victim’s throat, and the hyoid bone, located at the front of the neck, was fractured, an injury that is commonly associated with strangulation.

It was also discovered that the lawyer was already dead by the time she hit the ground after her fall.

The autopsy results were released two months after the horrific crime. Spitzner’s death sparked a national outrage in Brazil and also triggered a nationwide debate on domestic abuse and vulnerability of women.

Data from the Brazilian Forum on Public Security also showed that last year alone, an average of 530 women reported domestic violence per day.

Manvailer has been charged with murder and is awaiting trial.


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Anonymous No. 37988 2018-09-26 : 10:13

I believe the punishment should applied in the same manner and way that the criminal act was violated in such cases.

Beat the crap out of him and toss him off the the roof just like he did her.

If he lives….. do it again.

Nkce No. 95711 2021-08-19 : 14:14

He got caught in his own 🕷 🕸 the same video cameras 📹 he had her followed with. What goes around huh 🤔 now he’s a prisoner of his own making. 🥄 got spooned yeah… how utterly wasteful on all accounts. It takes a bully to be unruly 😢

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