By: Phil | 08-12-2021 | Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: Reddit | Kiwi Farms

Cancel Kiwi Farms Part II: Chris Chan and Bella Janke

It's been a couple months since the case of Byuu, the emulation designer who some still believe actually faked their death after not getting their way in an exchange with Kiwi Farms owner. The most recent developments even make a genius software designer faking their own death in Japan seem ordinary by comparison. The case against Isabella Loretta Janke isn't completely airtight, but what is certain is by casually sitting on that recording of the admission of rape by Chris Chan, Bella could have prevented more incidents of rape and elder abuse.

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Anonymous No. 95700 2021-08-12 : 14:39

Chris Chan is screwed up but this chick deserves to be tried and imprisoned alongside him.

SinSin No. 95713 2021-08-23 : 07:15

Cancel kiwi farms? Yeah good luck with that lol. Chris and Bella both deserve to rot in prison.

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