By: Phil | 08-16-2021 | Science, Opinion, Studio

Listen to the Science, It's a Pandemic of the Vaccinated

Despite what Biden and CNN would have you believe, we are not dealing with a "pandemic of the unvaccinated." If that were the case, Israel, with 80% of the population vaccinated, wouldn't be experiencing a surge in cases at this moment. Yes, there are, per capita three times as many deaths in the US as there, but you would think the disparity would be larger. Biden tells us that vaccines are 98% effective, that the unvaccinated are responsible for variants and that if you get the shot you won't get covid and you won't die. He also says listen to the science. Unfortunately, none of what he said there has any basis in reality. With a sudden spike in RSV cases that could possibly be tied back to antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), now is as good a time as ever to actually examine what "the science" is saying about the potential dangers of the vaccine, variant mutation and ADE causing sensitivity to other respiratory illnesses after inoculation.

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