By: Philip | 08-26-2021 | Opinion, Studio
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OnlyFans: Empowerment, Exploitation and Referral Bonuses

OnlyFans is a site popular with sex workers and erotic models to share their work on a subscription based model similar to Patreon. Recently they have announced intention to bounce graphic sex content that made them famous and relevant from the site, that is before they waffled back to allow it again after enormous backlash. The pandemic has led to a massive boom on the site with some women making 6 figures or more leading to headlines popularizing how easy, fun and empowering it is to earn some fast money on the side. Despite what some sex positive male feminists might tell you though, the platform is skewed to where 1% of creators earn 73% of the money with others making next to nothing, nothing or even ending up spending more time and money than they ever recover. In addition, OnlyFans marks a new evolution in parasocial relationships whose effects we may not fully understand for years.

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