By: Philip | 08-30-2021 | Body Count, Opinion, Studio
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Sirhan Paroled? The Truth Of the RFK Assassination

With his recommendation for parole for the first time ever, Sirhan Sirhan is a step closer to freedom than ever before. Some say the 77-year-old "has served his time" and therefore deserves to be free. I disagree, as Sirhan was never guilty in the first place. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence however, which is why I compiled multiple citations, sources and expert opinions for each of the claims made. The bulk of this video is from sections of the chapter on the Kennedy assassinations from my forthcoming book, "Deep State: penetrating the veils of the unelected shadow government."

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Anonymous No. 95729 2021-09-05 : 05:25

Sirhan Sirhan openly admits his guilt. You're a fucking IDIOT.

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