By: Philip | 12-27-2021 | PedoGate, Science, Weird, Opinion
Photo credit: William Ramsey Investigates

Philip Fairbanks Talks MK-Ultra on William Ramsey Investigates

MK-Ultra was a lot more than just LSD testing. Of course the inhumane experimentation is horrific and a large part of the story, but so much of the more subtle elements of cultural engineering and control like use of front groups to influence art, literature and embedding CIA assets in editor and reporter and even owner roles at all the major mainstream news sources was a big part of it too.

Philip speaks with author and podcast host William Ramsey about a side of MK-Ultra too often neglected as well as sharing info not available anywhere online regarding Dr. Morris Jolyon West obtained from the UCLA Library Louis West Special Collections.

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Anonymous No. 95871 2021-12-27 : 04:36

nice interview, Ramsey is pretty good had a whole series on teh smiley face murders

EVA No. 95875 2021-12-29 : 19:43

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