By: Philip | 07-20-2022 | Studio
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At The Intersection of White Collar Crime and Public Corruption With the FBI

Over the past few months, I've reached out to people in various fields, from law to forensic toxicology for background on some of the topics that come up in the Kai the Hitchhiker book in progress. Retired agents Jerri Williams and Myron Fuller suggested for more recent first hand data, it would be good to get in touch with someone from the FBI's Public Affairs Office. Special Agent Hall spent ten years working municipal corruption and white collar crime cases in Baltimore before moving to Public Affairs and seeing as he's in his second year, fresh out of the field. We talked about where organized and white collar crime cross over with government corruption, the difficulty in prosecuting corruption and conflict of interest even when its evident and some of the signs that a person in a position of public power and trust might be engaged in corruption or crime.

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