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As if the most of America had not yet released that there is an ongoing Anti-White racist sentiment coming from cultural marxists, progressives, and the Democratic Party; we now have actual proof.

A newly leaked email from inside the Democratic National Committee (DNC) shows that exact Anti-White sentiment not only exists inside the one of the two largest political parties in America; but they actually attempt to persuade their employees to engage in systematic racism against Caucasian and Heterosexual males.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that the party which literally supported the Ku Klux Klan, the Democrats, would now in 2017 attempt to enact the same hatred against Whites.

It all begins inside the Technology Department of the DNC, which was first reported by <a href="">The Daily Wire </a>who offered proof that the DNC elites are actively seeking to hire new employees to fill their ranks, as long as they're not straight white males.

However that may be despite the urgent need for staffing, a female Data Services Manager Madeleine Leader sent out an email notice to be forwarded to everyone who would be interviewing and hiring of new employees that told them to use racism and bigotry in their selective process to hire potential candidates for the jobs which need filled.

Madeleine Leader wrote in her email:

<blockquote>”I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they're already in the majority.”</blockquote>

<img src="" style="max-height:640px;max-width:360px;">

Stop and think about that for a moment if you will, where strongly educated skilled workers will be passed for a job in which they meet the full requirements because they're white males who are heterosexual.

If there were ever a sign for a need to push a civil rights movement for Caucasians this only illuminates that banner even further.

It seems that if you want to work for Democratic Party, you need to be any color except White, enjoy sodomy and same-sex relationships, or not be a man.

Imagine a scenario in which the Republican National Committee sent out a memorandum which stated that they don't want to hire Hispanic or Black males, and that no homosexuals were to be hired at the discretion of superiors.

There would be outrage in the streets.

Black Lives Matter would probably burn down a city, maybe shoot a police officer.

Gay pride marches would happen in every local community where homosexuals walked around in bondage placing dildos in their anus in front of children.

Ah wait. Both of those scenarios already are occurring. My mistake.

Jokes aside, this is preposterous.

It's almost as if the Democratic Party enjoys losing political races all across the country or something; because let me assure you that's what's going to continue to happen as long as such hateful rhetoric is being spewed and even worse leaked to the general public for the masses to see.

I believe that the Democratic National Committee should immediately terminate Madeleine Leader for this disgusting racist and Anti-White hatred.

Who am I kidding though, she'll probably get a raise.

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Anonymous No. 10905 1509581445

How can they expect to win? That is a big voting group straight white males, that are going to be alienated by the DNC. They are sending us forward towards a new Ghostbuster new Startrek future, and nobody is liking it.

Anonymous No. 10910 1509585980

Thats why its their mission to import a bunch of dark skinned people to vote for them.

Anonymous No. 10914 1509590655

muh dems r da weel waciss

stay classy cuckwater

david goldstein No. 10915 1509591677

gas the kikes race war now

Anonymous No. 10935 1509621461


Anonymous No. 10967 1509650177

How do we arrange a Death Match between the Black Racists, White Racists, Race Pimps and Race card player …. So we can put this constant acheive nothing BS to rest, once and for all?

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