By: TGW | 04-13-2021 | Opinion, Studio
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Multi-City Riot Livestream w/ NinjaStuntZ and Phil

NinjaStuntZ and Phil cover the Minnesota multi-city riots, Tennessee school shooting and other recent and breaking news stories.

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Kpsl No. 95524 2021-04-13 : 08:46

she wasnt a rookie. She is named as a veteran police officer. If she is getting confused and drawing wrong weapons, she should have a desk job. They need to be better trained and stronger punishments for officers who make those mistakes. That being said, when pulled over by police, do what they say to alleviate their fears in order to protect your life. Everyone is tense right now, so both sides need to be calm and wise.

Anonymous No. 95526 2021-04-13 : 20:01

I challenge you to think of a more embarrassing, stupider, lamer pseudonym than NINJASTUNTZ

Beyond any shadow of a Down, that is THE stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard...

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