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A sixteen-year-old girl in Colorado is now accused of murdering her newborn child directly after birth.

The Denver Police Department says that the teenager, 16-year-old Alaya Dotson shoved a rock down her infant's throat, suffocating the baby.

According to the Denver Police dispatch, they received an emergency 911 call from a woman claiming that her daughter had given birth to the infant and that the baby was on the ground in the backyard and <i>“looked dead”</i>.

The newborn baby, Amekah Dotson, was transported from the home in the 5800 block of Biscay Street to Children's Hospital where she was pronounced dead after they removed a rock that was lodged in the baby's throat.

Alaya Dotson's mother told the police that her daughter was sitting on the patio with a blanket wrapped around her.

She says that she left to make soup, she came back and discovered that Alaya had blood on her shirt and that the blanket was on the ground.

Alaya told the responding police officers that her mom startled her so after her mom went back inside, she “decided to pick up a rock that was on the ground and put it inside the baby's mouth.”

She added that she “pushed the rock down the baby's throat with her thumb” and then wrapped her in a blanket and placed her on the ground so when her mom grabbed the blanket, the baby “fell to the ground.”

Alaya's mother did not know her daughter was pregnant and immediately called the police.

Alaya also told police that “she did not know or believe she was pregnant.”

When police arrived, Alaya was also transported to University Hospital where she was arrested.

She's now being charged as an adult with first-degree murder charges and is due back in court in January.


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Anonymous No. 11514 1510313875

another day in this dystopia where heroic effort and a war fund of tax Dollars wasted on actual savages. This is yet another reason why this half assed republic will not survive, we let these creatures be voting citizens then get surprised when our society, cities, and culture get dragged down to their level.

Anonymous No. 11537 1510327829

She certainly knows her Anthropology. That's exactly how cavemen killed their babies.

Anonymous No. 11549 1510339434

Why in the hell are we still trying to raise the negro to our level? It will never work, simply because they are not our equals. We are different. The harder they try to force us together, the worse things will get. It will come to a head sooner or later. It won't be good for the negro.

Anonymous No. 11709 1510529018

What does race have to do with this #11549???

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