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Black Thug in Louisiana Convicted of Attempted-Murder Paroled Only to Beat White Woman to Death

Another disturbing horror story coming out of New Orleans, Louisiana where authorities say a violent animal beat a woman with such rabid brutality that she died from internal bleeding.

Law enforcement in Kenner, Louisiana, which is a suburb of Jefferson Parish, a community in New Orleans; said that 38-year-old Alex Sanders was arrested for the murder of 37-year-old Amy Cancienne, of which he's now in custody for the crime.

The homicide charge for Alex Sanders is apparently nothing new, since he's currently on parole for a 1996 conviction in another vicious attempted-murder case in St. John the Baptist Parish, as well as an aggravated battery conviction in Winn Parish; furthering underscoring that <i>he's a lifelong criminal</i>.

Detectives investigating the death of Cancienne say that Sanders claims she arrived to his home “in an intoxicated state” and that she has a history of drug problems.

Whether that's true or is irrelevant, because an autopsy report ruled Cancienne's death was a homicide, caused by severe blunt force trauma, as reported by<a href=""> The New Orleans Advocate</a>.

The Medical Examiner performing the autopsy found Cancienne had internal bleeding from a laceration to her liver that was believed to have been caused by either gut punches or a beating with some type of weapon, as well as being covered in bruising to her face, head, arms, and torso.

In addition to those injuries, Cancienne also had multiple broken ribs, further suggesting she was hit with some type of weapon or object.

After speaking with family members, Detectives also determined that Sanders had been physically beaten Cancienne over the past six years of knowing one another, including recently when it's believed Sanders is responsible for her death as a result of the fatal injury sustained to her liver.

The Kenner Police Chief, Michael J. Glaser, has asked residents with any information that could assist in the case regarding either Cancienne or Sanders to contact Kenner Police Detective Arthur Coll at (504) 712-2398.

Sanders was already supposed to be on parole until 2025 since his release from prison on his last conviction.

This further underscores that violent criminal savages have no place in society whatsoever, and Sanders being already convicted of attempted murder in the past was as if releasing a rabid animal into a public domain and expecting it to not harm anyone.

Sometimes, we have to consider the safety of the general public, over the freedoms of already convicted criminals.

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MORE PRISON FOR PAROLEES! No. 14005 2017-12-14 : 19:12

Is it really necessary to share our thoughts? The people who paroled him. The Judge who signed off…they should all be put in prison for life. They are the one's responsible for letting this Ape walk free. We discuss people from other countries coming here and hurting or killing Americans when we have homegrown animals who hunt white people as prey. Kill his black ass now, don't feed him, don't clothe him… and if his family objects, do the same to them. We are sick and tired of these people destroying our country. And if her white ass wants to go over and hang out with him…she deserves what she gets. The way I see it, she's one less waste of oxygen to feed and clothe too. When are people going to learn you can't take the jungle out of an ape…he's nothing more than a wild, rabid ape preying on human beings!

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