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It turns out that there are people who voted in the 2016 general election although they were on felony probation or post-release supervision.

That’s the case in North Carolina where authorities are seeking people accused of voting in the 2016 general election while still on felony probation.

Reports from The Times-News of Burlington indicate that Alamance County District Attorney Patrick Nadolski sent a news release Nov. 29 stating that a grand jury had indicted 12 people for violating state election laws.

Having concluded the elections, the State Board of Elections compares the state’s voter registration database against the state Department of Public Safety’s list of felons, and reviews voting history to determine if it matches voted as it serves their sentences.

Authorities can charge a penalty of up to two years in case there’s a violation. Surprisingly, one of the voters who was indicted turned himself in on Monday. Anthony Leon Haith, says that he was uninformed about the fact that he couldn’t vote and that no one pointed out to him.


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Wonder IF Alabama will do the same?

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