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Earlier this week we pulled a story at the request of the subject. In our story about Emily and Matthew Hagler's ordeal the comment section ended up flooded with some very nasty and untrue comments about Emily and her family. They accused her of being a drug dealer, her parenting skills were impugned. There was even a claim that she had blown marijuana smoke into her new born baby's face. Ironically, it was her ex and father of the son she hasn't seen in years who did this. Parental alienation is no laughing matter, I know this hard truth from experience, so I don't take it lightly when something like this occurs. In addition to this there were photos of Emily's family, including her children posted in the comments section. The Goldwater consider ourselves bastions of free speech and as such, we don't believe in censorship, but we have hard and fast rules regarding doxxing. If someone does not want photos of their children posted in public, they should not be and we apologize that this forum was abused to cause Mrs. Hagler and her family pain. Despite years of trying to contact her ex (who she married and had a child with at the age of 16) she was denied visits and lack of visitation was used as pretext for terminating her parental rights.

Emily met another mother online who had been through something similar. Lonna had had her son taken from her arms by the Seattle Police Department… on film no less. They bonded over being estranged from their children by an abusive father. In the case of Lonna, she had just obtained an order of protection a month before she had her child removed on the basis of lies into temporary custody. Both Emily and Lonna had dealt with a great deal of cyberbullying as a result of this affair as well. In Lonna's case, like Emily's, after an article was published about her the comment section devolved into the meanest sort of untruths. One of the trolls who has latched on to both of them is identified as "Payton Blakely" on Twitter.

<blockquote>Payton Blake, is a troll. She has been trolling my friend Lonna for a couple of years. Along with others as well. I guess because I haven't given up on Lonna, have continued to support her, and gave her money when she was broke, now they are trolling me. Especially her mother who was apart of having her son, River, taken from her. She has not seen him in 3 years. They have cyberbullied her for 3 years. I fought back against them a few times, but they are ruthless obviously.</blockquote>

"Payton" blasted me on Twitter for "lying" and "dancing around the truth" regarding the content of the comments section. I will admit, I had trouble parsing it. I know what it is like to be separated from a child and I know the kind of pain that engenders so I didn't really want to read through the dozens of malicious, personal and untrue messages. Speaking of dancing around messages, I encouraged "Payton" to DM or email me with their side of this story but they still haven't responded as to whether they think it's alright to share pictures of someone's child when you're attacking them online, whether they think it's ok to defame someone online or in public, or why she (and others) seem to have been actively attacking Emily and her friend Lonna for years online.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">I admitted possibly being mistaken because I only skimmed it. In order to lie I would have had to knowingly have passed on falsehood as truth. Not the case. You have dodged questions of mine as well. It&#39;s all cool though, I&#39;ll share my rebuttal soon. I sleep days, DM me your side</p>&mdash; Philip (@kafkaguy) <a href="">January 9, 2018</a></blockquote>

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">…or don&#39;t. Just saying, I gave you a chance. There were a LOT of lies in that comment section, we&#39;ll be sorting through that and may even mention how you&#39;ve been stalking Emily&#39;s family for some time.</p>&mdash; Philip (@kafkaguy) <a href="">January 9, 2018</a></blockquote>

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">…or don&#39;t. Just saying, I gave you a chance. There were a LOT of lies in that comment section, we&#39;ll be sorting through that and may even mention how you&#39;ve been stalking Emily&#39;s family for some time.</p>&mdash; Philip (@kafkaguy) <a href="">January 9, 2018</a></blockquote>

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<blockquote>I could not believe the comments I was reading! They were down right hateful and rude, and they would not stop. I went back and forth with them for hours, not giving in! They tried so hard to get me to believe their lies and to not support her in anyway. All they did was pump me up and got me ready to meet her in person. I wanted to KNOW her and prove them wrong. In February 2016, I bought my first plane ticket and spent a few days with her in Seattle. She took such good care of me while I was there. She was the most loving, caring, honest person, I had yet to meet in my life. In just four days she had become my friend for life. I decided then I would always be there for her and support her in anyway I could. It broke my heart to have to leave her there to fight the battle alone…In July of 2016, I flew back to Seattle for her birthday and she introduced me to kratom. I had a migraine and as soon as I took a dose of kratom, the pain was gone. She told me that one of her childhood friends, Jenny started stripping and had got on heroine so she tried to get her to come off of it with kratom. But Jenny didnt listen, became more addicted and turned into someone Lonna didnt know anymore so she cut communications with her….She told me of her mother who worked for the federal government and abused her growing up. She told me of how hateful, uncaring, unloving, and ruthless she was. She showed me emails of conversations with her mother Lisa, and I couldnt believe a mother could talk to and treat her daughter in such a way. Her grandmother(Lisa's mom) was the same way. It was very clear to me those two women were very cold hearted, cruel, and wanted Lonna to suffer.

So the texts messages that were screenshot and posted in the comments was not just because I was being mean or hateful for no reason, I was simply taking up for my friend against a mother who left her daughter in the cold. I have stood up against these people for Lonna. Once they heard of my arrest for kratom, and saw that I was charged falsely with a heroine charge, they took advantage of the opportunity and started a tweet storm on twitter. Then they blasted me in the comments of the article. I honestly dont know if any of them know me personally. I dont know if some could have been my ex husband Danny or his wife Tina. Its hard to tell, since they hide behind a fake name and screen. What I do know is Lonna and myself have been dealing with cyberbullies for quite some time. There are so many twitter accounts that are made, just to talk shit about her, and now me. There was even a parody of Lonna that was made, just to make fun of and talk about her. I have a list of them that I am getting together. Most I have blocked just so I dont have to deal with the hate.</blockquote>

There were other things noted in the comments section that were wrong enough to deserve to be pointed out. The small army of trolls who attacked the previous article about the Hagler's ordeal claimed that kratom is illegal in Tennessee. In actuality, it is not. It has taken years, but slowly the law has been clarified. Two years ago I contacted Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam at the request of the Tennessee Attorney General's office. Governor Haslam admitted he did not know if the badly worded law (that made no mention of kratom) would refer to the plant. He promised to send over the information I had sent him to the state's Health Commmissioner. He evidently never did as I received no response even when I brought up my letters again a few months ago when <a href="">Christopher Miller's case</a> was thrown out of a Tennessee court due to the inconsistencies in the law. Representative Tony Shipley (who co-wrote the bill) says the law is only in reference to synthetic products (bath salts, cannibanoids and other related synthetic analogue drugs). As of last month, the TN State Attorney General's office made their official opinion crystal clear in Opinion 17-55, botanical kratom is perfectly legal.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">I did not violate a no contact order. See. You all are making claims you know nothing about. You&#39;re making yourselves look foolish.</p>&mdash; Emily Leah (@EmilyLeah11) <a href="">January 9, 2018</a></blockquote>

<script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

Another point of contention, using kratom does not mean that someone is a drug addict or trying to wean themselves off of illicit opiates. The wide majority of kratom users use it in place of prescription drugs for chronic pain, depression, anxiety or PTSD because it is more effective for them without the side effects. In the kratom groups I am in there are a great deal of middle aged persons and senior citizens who choose kratom because it doesn't intoxicate or inebriate them. Many people would like relief from physical pain or mental anguish without being stuck in a narcotic haze with a monkey on their back for their whole life.

We here at the Goldwater relish being a voice to the voiceless and standing up against injustice and evils in the world. It is never our aim that any innocents be caught up in the crossfire, but that is exactly what went on this week. As a result, we are offering this rebuttal of some of the callous, cruel and (most importantly) untrue statements that showed up in the comment section. We also offer our sincere apologies to Emily and Matthew Hagler. Bringing someone's children into something like this is the lowest of the low.

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Anonymous No. 15678 1515581393

This story caught my eye because of Kratom, I’m sorry I didnt see the first story, but I have no doubt that you have been through all this and I’m sorry.

I’m a kratom user now for 4 1/2 years, I have MS, Lupus & Fibromyalgia, I couldn’t go on living my life without Kratom. I currently take no opiods for my pain or chronic illnesses.

Keep fighting, stay strong and just know that there is something seriously wrong with people who treat others the way you guys have been treated. Normal people just dont act like that.

Anonymous No. 15680 1515581584

Thanks for the extra effort y'all put into this …. Too few bloggers would have made any such effort due to ad-click revenues it would have generated.

Anonymous No. 15685 1515584985

That bitch looks like a cracked out whore to be honest. Fuck her and her dope friend lifestyle

Phil No. 15700 1515597770


She was actually pretty pissed at being drug in and charged with heroin possession when all she had was a legal substance (kratom). Kratom is legal in Tennessee and is used by millions as an antidepressant, for anxiety, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease and many other reasons. You must be one of the trolls connected to "Payton Blakely" and "Dimitry Laroche." Pretty pathetic how you have to lie and stalk people online. Even more pathetic that you can't even come out with your true identity.

Anonymous No. 15701 1515597840

>>15700 Hey, nice dubs.

Also, loled at

>>15685 "dope friend lifestyle"

What, praytell, is a dopefriend lifestyle?

Phil No. 15702 1515598431



thank you for APPRECIATING us for what we try to do.

Emily No. 15710 1515601804

Thank you, Philip and The Goldwater for everything you have done!

Thank you for being apart of, and standing up to these harassing cyberbullies. For lonna, it means A LOT as well because besides me, no one could or wanted to stand up and call these people out…

For all of the parents who are getting alienated from their child, I love you and dont stop fighting. If all you can do is write letters, do that. You time is coming.

Philip lets meet up!

And to those who don't know me or want to meet me or talk to me to get the whole truth and nothing but the truth

please, lets do it!

I insist!

Phil No. 15714 1515603334


Sounds like a plan. And on behalf of the rest of the writers and editorial staff at the Goldwater, we are PROUD to have a chance to make a difference once in a while.

Sarah W No. 15721 1515608988

Laughing at 15685…"Dope Friend lifestyle…" is that different from "dope enemy lifestyle"??

If you are going to insult someone anonymously at least try not to sound like a dumbass. I know it's hard because you are one, but put in some sort of effort. The world hates a quitter!

Phillip… thanks for standing up for this young mother and your continued support of kratom.

Juanita No. 15742 1515622527

Wow! Here it goes again. Just give it up. Enough attention has been brought to you already. Bringing out all of your past demons.

TBH No. 15744 1515624349

First of all she posted the 1st picture of her family. AND her phone number, so I really don't think "doxxing" was an issue. The issue seemed to be she can dish out her side but not take it in return. This whole article is from her POV , her story. So I suggest all readers keep that in mind. How do you know this is truth? You don't. Her profiles still suggests shes crazy.

Emily No. 15746 1515633112

Suggesting doesnt mean you KNOW I am crazy. Your making a claim because there is something about me or my profile you dont like, dont agree with, your jealous, or just hating because you dont love yourself enough.

Emily No. 15747 1515633481

As I've said, im willing to meet any of you or even video chat, if you can even show your face and or name. I implore you!!

I have nothing to hide.

True recognizes true.

suit No. 15752 1515635683

I certainly hope her ex sees this and sues your supposed media. You do not know what transpired, yet you claim that blowing pot smoke in her child's face was him? How do YOU know that? Because she said so? Real journalists find FACTS! None of which you did. You are no journalist, your a tabloid, gossip, conspiracy theorist hack.

CPB No. 15753 1515635730

Someone needs to go talk to the moon and calm down.

furthermore No. 15755 1515636195

You said you take doxxing seriously, but in thus article alone you doxxed several people with slander and defamation. A class action in order. This publication is FAKE NEWS! Sickening.

lol No. 15766 1515646524

she'll do absolutely anything to play the victim

Anonymous No. 15767 1515646572

She's a danger to her own child, she herself admitted there is a protection order against her.

Phil No. 15778 1515657331

>>15755 hey furthermore, you don't know what "doxxing" is evidently. Did I share any personal information (names, addresses, photos)? No, then nobody got doxxed then.

I don't know who hurt you people but hurting other innocent people won't make the pain go away. I will pray for you.

Anonymous No. 15811 1515678381

You shared names, so….

Emily No. 15812 1515681587

No worries. I'll be showing as much factual evidence to Philip once we meet in a couple of weeks, as i can… Dont you worry your pretty little head. We are praying for you all! Im sorry your hurting so much that you literally have to project your hatefulness and ugliness onto someone else.

As far as who blew pot smoke or who didn't. Only one who knows are the two who were there, myself and my ex.. It was brought up, so I defended the claim.

I have nothing i need to hide. My conscience is clear.

But what about you?

All in all, it doesnt matter what you all say or do, you wont get a rise out of me. I might need a nap after all the dark, dank, energy you spit my way, but ill wake up refreshed, knowing you all cant hurt me with your bully tactics. Im better than that.

At least you all are exposing yourselves to the world!

Anonymous No. 15814 1515682757


Shared names? Oh, the public twitter handles I used and embedded? Pretty sure that's legal.

Anonymous No. 15817 1515684906

Hey Phil, do you think its ok that Emily harassed a man she didn't even know based on the word of a woman that, at that point, she had never even met?

Do you think its ok that she harassed an elderly woman just because that woman could no longer pay the rent of Emily's friend who refused to work, then posted her harassing messages online?

Or how about when Emily and Lonna posted all but the first three numbers of a childs social security number online? Those first three numbers would be easy for anyone wanting to engage in identity theft to figure out.

Do you really support Emily's behavior?

Phil No. 15818 1515685726


Anon no. 15817 IF that is your real name, if you'd like to take this up outside of the public eye send me YOUR information via email kafkaguy AT . I have seen a lot of evidence that she and Lonna are being very obviously targetted for cyberstalking and harassment, perhaps some of what you're talking about (if any of it is so) is related to trying to combat the barrage of mistreatment. I have seen the way MANY things you trolls have been claiming have been debunked bit by bit, so I'm more than a little skeptical, but if you have evidence of these things send them along to me.

Anonymous No. 15826 1515688669

The man and elderly woman she harassed have never posted anything online about them.

So, again, do you think it's ok for her to harass them?

Do you think it's ok to post a child's social security number?

Anonymous No. 15831 1515693283

She admits to harassing someone

Anonymous No. 15832 1515694716

Wow, an out of context comment. DAMNING EVIDENCE!

Anonymous No. 15838 1515697672

lol she is admitting to harassing someone and that's all you can come up with as a defense?

Anonymous No. 15839 1515698355

I see a bunchy of trolls in this comment section and from Twitter where the story was shared saying horrible things and committing harassment as well. So a bunch of cyberstalking folks go around harassing people and then want to accuse someone of doing what they're doing?

Who the fuck are you dingbats anyway?

Real class act, the lot of ya…

Weak, shallow and as deep as toilet paper is thick.

Anonymous No. 15851 1515717865

So you're defending her behavior? Really? Sick.

Anonymous No. 15864 1515731104


Sick is what you Twitter trolls are up to. Trying to lie and say the worst things imaginable just to break down someone. I don't know who hurt you people, but spreading gloom, hate and pain isn't going to take the negative emotions you feel away.

Anonymous No. 15870 1515734881

Nice, Philip!

Anonymous No. 15891 1515742616

This "article" could really help Lonna's mother should she choose to rightfully sue Emily for harassment and defamation.

Phil No. 15897 1515749962

Keep commenting trolls, we LOVE the engagement :) Can't wait to see what you folks think of the next one. Will have more documents that refute the ACTUAL defamation you trolls have been party to.

KatinSea No. 15913 1515761518

I’m going to ask the author if he truly researched all of Lonna’s case? All of it?

Here are some facts

She encouraged her “trolls” to participate and invited the scrutiny of her case

Every “troll” tried to assist her in the beginning but after determining the go fund me was not being used as advertised started asking questions. Once you question Lonna you were attacked.

People were fraudulently conned out of money for a lawyer that Lonna claimed to need and instead bought weed with the money

Lonna chose her path as she refused to participate in the standard court proceedings for custody of her child. It’s a good thing for every child that parents go through evaluations prior to a court decision.

Lonna chooses not to work but demands others pay for her lifestyle. She has verbally atttacked her own mother on her videos because of this.

Lonna has also, on multiple occasions, posted racist videos against people of color and other religious groups

In defending Lonna is this paper and the author defending someone who publicly posts defamation, racist, religious bigotry and harassment?

Excited No. 15934 1515778392

I cant wait for their little meeting! And the next article. This is all so very entertaining. I stocked up on popcorn so I'm good to go.

Anonymous No. 15938 1515782488

Hey Excited, is it olestra or real butter? If it's real pass some here… staked out for the next installment myself as well. The Twitter carnage has been fairly steady for about 48 hours now…

brain washed No. 15951 1515799138

What's happened is that Em got attached to Lonna bc of her own personal experience. So Em felt compassion for Lonna. Lonna latched onto Em bc it was the ONLY supporter she had. Plus, Em could be easily manipulated.

Em ended up being brainwashed by a naracisstic sociopath. Now Em can't see straight. Lonna has conned people all of her life. She's conned Em too. Conned her into thinking that Lonna is a victim, when she's not. The judge ordered a mental evaluation on Lonna, which she refused bc she

Anonymous No. 15952 1515799749

Couldn't manipulate the psychiatrists. Instead, she produced letters from doctors that are not mental health professional as proof. Em has gotten caught up with Lonna's lies.

Now Lonna has Em sending her mother harassing texts bc her mother finally cut off the purse strings. The woman ius in her mid 30s and demands money from her mother and grandmother after disparaging them boith online and making up some of the most horrific lies. Lonna thought she could get Em to send those horrible texts to guilt her into funding her lifestyle. She has Em convinced that her mother is some kind of monster.

Bottom line is that Em has been brain washed.

Honest question that Em needs to answer: why hasn't Lonna bent over backwards to help Em when she needs her?

Em, you are being used by Lonna. She cares nothing for you. NOTHING. I know you don't believe it now, but ask yourself why hasn't Lonna flown out to you to be there now that you are down and out? Has she donated anything to You? To help you through the winter? I know you think she's your friend, but just earlier this year she was willing to dump you on the side of the road. You are dispendable.

I hope you come to realize that she's toxic to you.

Wish you the best

haha No. 15954 1515803219

So all the troll made their profiles private? Baaahahaha!!! Bunch of cowards

15955 No. 15962 1515812671

15951> I believe you've got it!!!! Sounds so true. Maybe one day Emily will realize that before she too far out there. Maybe reality will set back in for her and she'll snap back to Earth.

Anonymous No. 16020 1515865451

No, Emily wont realize it. We tried to tell her two years ago. We tried to tell her when she was aiding Lonna in avoiding arrest.

Emily is, or always was, just too far gone. She lies and manipulates people just like Lonna. There is no hope for her.

NoLight No. 16050 1515905363

What's sad is the compare pics that someone posted. You can see Emily had so much light, love, & happiness in her picture when she had her oldest son. Now, the pics she has shows anger, sadness, & darkness. Her light & love from her eyes are gone, as if someone shut off the light in her life. It looks like darkness took over her soul and is consuming her. I feel sorry for her. Toxicity is consuming her. :(

Anonymous No. 16085 1515936305


Haha, is right. They know that more evidence will be coming out in this case and it's less embarrassing to just disappear before then.

Donna L'ight No. 16094 1515948011

The scum behind the Donna L'ight idiot parody acct is a nasty, racist bitch. Coward hides behind a fake profile bc she has no substance. That goes for all of the fake Twitter accounts. Everyone of those cowards are racist, Nazi, white trash.

Emily No. 16097 1515951200


I LOVE when you trolls talk about me, like you know me personally. Its very entertaining and hilarious!! I must do a personal video and post to Facebook. Oh, yeah…one of the trolls had me blocked for 7 days for posting a picture of lonnas abusing baby daddy. Hmm.

Emily No. 16100 1515953811

Haters and trolls beware…

Watch our come up.

Watch as we dismantle your horrendous tactics to bully and abuse.

Just wait…until then look at this beautiful momma and her son, and be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous No. 16104 1515964549

You and lonna are both crazy and a danger to your children.

Anonymous No. 16105 1515964765

You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting a woman who was physically and emotionally abusive to her son.

You are disgusting.

Emily No. 16118 1515993061

Please show us evidence that Lonna was ever abusive or harmful to River. Physically? Emotionally?

You are disgusting for flipping the abuse onto her, when she has evidence of Adams abuse and her mother, Lisa.

Lonna is a fantasic mother! Your just jealous…stop it already, geez.

The more your comment, the more you all make yourselves look stoopid.

You cant fool every one into believing your lies.

And as far as her mother is concerned, she is a documented child abuser who should not be any where around River or any child.

You are all clearly trying to make lonna and myself, out to be exactly WHO YOU ARE.

You want others to believe its us who are the abusers, to take the heat off of you because Lonna has exposed your ass, and you cant stand it!

Get a life and learn to love yourself.

Anonymous No. 16121 1515997648

Her evidence is only that she has claimed it. There is no evidence Adam has ever been abusive.

Lonna even admitted that she attacked Adam before he pushed her away during the incident she tried to get a protection order against him for. He was defending himself and she acknowledges that.

The courts have all the evidence needed about her abuse and neglect. They have all the evidence needed that she is an unfit mother.

It doesn't matter if you insist differently. You can stomp your feet and whine all you want but it doesn't change the facts.

River is far safer and healthier where he is than being neglected and abused by his "mother" and you are sick and disgusting for wanting to put him back into the hands of a sick woman like Lonna.

Anonymous No. 16122 1515997682

Leave it to an unfit mother to defend another unfit mother.

Anonymous No. 16124 1515997750

You never even saw Lonna with River. You have no idea what kind of mother she was other than what she tells you.

Someone could say the moon was made of cheese and you'd believe it.

Anonymous No. 16132 1516005822

If these trolls had anything but hateful claims they'd share their evidence. Since they ARENT sharing any evidence, I would assume they are as full of shit as they appear. Also, WHO even acts like this? Did you people not get raised? Your parents must be ashamed…

Truth Be Told No. 16170 1516042734

What did this Lonna thing expose? Looks to me like nothing but craziness. If she were a fit mother she'd have her child, a home, a job. And money of her own. But instead all she does is sit around on the internet begging for money, and making videos. If I were her and wanted my child back as much as she claims I'd be an adult, get a real job, and get off all these "herbal medicines" pass a drug test. That would prove to the court systems shes a fit mother. But when you're hopping around, begging for money, and no 9-5 that just doesnt look good. Anyone can clearly see that. She can make as many collages as she wants, write all over the town in chalk, and whatever else she does but that doesnt help her case.

Heather No. 16195 1516068809

So a bunch of SJW feminist on a crusade to destroy their fellow woman under the guise of warning and protecting other people? Whaaaaat?? Typical fascist, Neo-Nazi, feminist, cowardly, racist, Liberals. You all think youre big, mean, tough behind your phone screens. Its exactly why Trump won! #MAGA bitches! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

^^ No. 16202 1516077065

Another looney! ^^

^^ No. 16234 1516113041

Liberals are hateful loons alright. Just read the comments.

Insert Sarcasm No. 16251 1516136129

Thanks Heather for letting us all in on that. Never would of know. Glad you can tell thats exactly what they are. Oh and #dumptrump #someoneneedscommitted



** No. 16252 1516136205



16252 No. 16257 1516146521

How about letting go of your hatred, fascism, and bigoty?


Anonymous No. 16263 1516155133


Anonymous No. 16264 1516155308

Someone's trying to change this story to a whole different story! Lets get back to the crazies at hand ok. Not political bs.

Anonymous No. 16265 1516157785

Yeah, but its true. Liberals are crazies. just look hateful comments, every one of them posted by LIBERALS!

every. single. one. of. them. posted by LIBERALS.

for once, don't let facts get in the way.

go ahead, try to debunk that fact.

I'll wait

>>Anonymous No. 16264 1/16/2018 19:15:8

"Someone's trying to change this story to a whole different story! Lets get back to the crazies at hand ok. Not political bs."

16264 No. 16346 1516227524

How about a person who doesnt give a shit about politics! But ok yeah you're right. I hear thats how republicans act. Hahaha! But this isnt about liberals Republicans Democrats politics in general. This is about someone who broke the law. Tried to make a big deal about it with an article written on some fabricated website. Wanting to get sympathy but instead got a bunch of backlash. And then couldn't handle it had it deleted and now this. Somehow got all twisted and turned into a big thing about crazy Lonna. Because she puts her whole life out there and now everybody is comparing her to Crazy Lonna.

thank you No. 16352 1516236560

Says the Liberal 16346 who and her liberal minions created multiple fake profiles across as many social media sites with the full intent to harass whomever they disagreed with spewing their hatred and bigotry all the while hiding behind their computer screens, too chicken 💩 to reveal their too selves, all under the rouse that they are saving those who show compassion to their victims. Yeah, done like a true liberal. But now this isn't about politics as these scumbags spout off that their victims they harass are Repulicans and calling them all kinds of names. And it's not political? Lol. That's because you can't refute that you are a hateful liberal with no message to back up your defamation and lies. That's rich. Of course it's political because you made it that way. Liberals will destroy each other if one crosses their path and they don't conform to their ideology, which btw, is fascist and racists. Its time you use your right to abortion on yourself and take yourself out of the global warming scam. You all are nothing but hot air.

16352 No. 16368 1516251985

Omg! I figured it out! Hi Lonna ;) How are you today? Take your meds? Apparently not.

LiivingTree Internet Sociopathy No. 16369 1516253323


Actually that's the thing, the law was NOT broken. Kratom is legal, is not a schedule 1 substance and THAT is why this case is going to be thrown out.

I checked out you trolls on Twitter. Lord almighty, you people must wake up to a cup of rage and end the day with a nightcap of spite. Your claims were refuted there and here multiple times, but I guess maybe brick walls don't even know when the person arguing against them is right…

Also, what was with attacking the guy that wrote the article calling him a deadbeat dad and child abuser? First off, it's creepy to stalk people. Secondly, why go to all the trouble of stalking someone if you're not going to get any of the facts straight anyway?

The trolls were claiming he was an "unfit parent" but his contention is that he never had custody of any children to lose in the first place… but I guess that would be just yet ONE MORE completely false claim to you soulless sociopaths' names…

Anonymous No. 16429 1516310540

Thanks lady ;)

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