By Kyle James   |  01-11-2018   News
Photo credit: NLRPD

For all of the vocal criticizing of police Black Lives Matter does for things like the death of Freddie Gray and Eric Garner, they are sure radio silent when it comes to blacks trying to kill police.

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In a newly released video, Little Rock PD shows a dashcam view of an officer-involved shooting that very nearly cost several Little Rock officers their lives. Police pulled over a vehicle with several friends inside including 17-year-old high school senior Charles Smith Jr.

Juwaun Jordan was a passenger in the car and he said, "We were headed to a party and such like that and we were driving down Camp Robinson Road." Jordan says he was in the car with Smith and another man when they were pulled over by NLR police.

"I don't know where they came from, they just came out of nowhere, they said it was a light or something, but the lights were working," Jordan said.

The traffic stop turned deadly when Smith began resisting and reaching for a handgun. Officers struggled with Smith who fires at least one shot point blank at the officers but miraculously doesn't hit anyone.

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The officers returned fire killing Smith as he tries to rack another round. The Little Rock PD released their version of events in this official statement.

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Anonymous No. 15788 1515665645

yeah niggers are savage beasts and all but why are the goywater writers such bootlicking cop lovers?

Anonymous No. 15789 1515666752

17 y/o … In other words 4 years too young to by law, to have a pistol and 1 year too young to even own a rifle in the USA.

But no Firearm law keep him from attempting to kill a police officer with a illegal firearm, he by law should have NEVER had.

Even the Uber Liberal WAPO police shooting database shows all but about 3 of the 987 of those killed by Police in the line of duty were trying kill someone else, the Police officer or had documented Mental Illness issues used Suicide by cop for a exit.

That's 0.303951367781155 of 1%, while 99.69604863221885% were ruled as justified.

All while about 45 Police were killed by Thugs using illegally held Firearms , 6 deliberately ran over and 5 killed with various hand held weapons.

This is why LEO's have no problem with Body and Vehicle Cam's…. It is proving THUGS are the problem.

Gun Laws don't keep criminals from using firearms they just impede , slow and stall good citizens from ownership and obtaining CWP's..

Anonymous No. 15790 1515666998

The Race Pimps, Liberals Democrats and those Taking a Knee will be silent on this because it does not drum up $$$, Votes or enhance a fail playing career or cause a Riot for Social Justice looting.

Anonymous No. 15894 1515748180

Thanks , for animal control .

Woke No. 16051 1515906016

#Qanon brought me here

Driftwood 5771 No. 16093 1515945780

That,s a dumb idiot, obviously bad intent at that party. Qanon sent me here too.

2Anon No. 16138 1516008824

Well hello, I do hope I am in the right place and that we haven't been Shepparded here. Word of caution my friends, a predator will always move the victim from point (A) to point (B) to exercise full control. Other than that, I'm looking forward to the downfall of the elites to be replaced by the good!

Anonymous No. 16175 1516045005

Not surprised

ExcaliburEdge No. 16208 1516079314

To all you BLM morons, cops lives matter too, but that doesn't fulfill your ignorant agenda, now does it? I'll bet that according to you, these little kids just got manhandled by these overzealous cops, right? Bull shit!!!

Rich No. 16266 1516158299

It was justified. Q sent me

wowza No. 16402 1516278515

Q sent me.

Tamme No. 16425 1516307844

Thank God the officers were not hurt. What in the world was this kid thinking? Life and death situation, too dam young,should be getting ready to graduate high school,thinking about college, but no gotta try to kill an officer of the law,someone who is there to protect you and your family. …..

Qarmy No. 16470 1516351045

Q sent me.

Thanks for covering this No. 16480 1516358832

Q sent us …. why

- demons have invaded humans

Listen again at the footage

Do you hear now ?

Look at his friends reactions b4 shots

Anonymous No. 16557 1516472060

Q's the man. Sent me here too.




Anonymous No. 16559 1516472418

Q sent me too.




Delta Mike No. 16612 1516587720

Sad: the MSM glorifies the thug culture for young blacks and the nation loses generation upon generation of young men.

Winnowing Wisher No. 16628 1516612335

Time to admit that trying to integrate these animals into Western society was never going to work, will never work.

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