By: Steve Dellar | 01-11-2018 | News
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Germans File Complaints As Iranian Ayatollah Is Treated in Hospital

Another day, another scandal for the German government of Angela Merkel. This time the press informed the German public that the northern city of Hannover, home to some world-famous hospitals, was providing medical support to none other than Iranian Ayatollah Shahroudi.

The man, who was in Germany to receive treatment for a brain tumor, personally oversaw hundreds of death sentences as head of Iran's justice ministry during previous administrations of the theological regime.

Germans on social media were outraged at their country hosting such a man for medical treatment and many filed complaints against him.

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Commenters on Twitter agreed with the newspaper Neue Presse that broke the story that 'Germany should not be a haven for criminals.'

The office of Germany's federal prosecutor acknowledges that it has received multiple complaints against the ayatollah since it became known he was in the country. A spokesman explained that they "will continue to examine on a legal basis whether Ayatollah Mahmud Hashemi Shahroudi was guilty of crimes against humanity."

It is estimated that under his rule, some 2,000 executions were authorized.

German opposition politician Mr Volker Beck was one of those filing a complaint against his own government. “I know that he is responsible for overseeing scores of death sentences when he led Iran's justice ministry.”

“This should not be left unpunished. Germany should not be a haven for criminals. That's why I filed a complaint against him with the office of Germany's federal prosecutor. I also wonder how a man like Shahroudi could even get a German visa.”

An Iranian human rights group has provided the German government with evidence that Mr Shahrudi "was responsible for the Islamic Revolutionary Courts that sent numerous human rights activists, defense lawyers, journalists, webloggers, political dissidents, and religious minorities, to Iran’s notorious prisons where they were subject to torture, rape, and murder."


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Anonymous No. 15820 2018-01-11 : 16:11

That is scandalous, how can Merkel let that happen?

margreet No. 15857 2018-01-12 : 02:51

this is the EU I am living in

Anonymous No. 15887 2018-01-12 : 07:18

Iran is not the problem it's that other parasitic country that starts w an I n it isn't fucking Italy!!

Anonymous No. 15888 2018-01-12 : 07:19

Merkel is such a dog faced cunt I can't stand her. We fought against Nazi Germany to end up w this!!?! Think about that one faggots!!

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