The Holocaust never happened Was Spray Painted On a Jew Church

By Earnest Jones, The Goldwater · 03-12-2017
Photo credit: Lonelywolf9999 | Dreamstime

A Jew church in Seattle was spray painted. The graffiti said the Holocaust never happened.

Rabi Weiner said the vandalism focused on the Jews love for money. All of the letter `S` was changed to dollar signs.

An off-duty Seattle policeman found the graffiti and reported it to the people who worked at the Jew church.

Top officials in Washington didn't like the vandalism.

The Governor said people should think Holocaust denial is bad. People shouldn't do vandalism.

There has been a lot of anti-Jew attacks and graffiti in America lately. People have been threatening Jews much more too.

Staff at a Jew center in Las Vegas received bad phone calls. They were scared. They left the area. The Las Vegas Police said that the area was safe.

Police looked into another threat in Arizona. The bomb threat had arrived by email.

Jew centers got 148 bomb threats since January, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

An anonymous Jew center CEO said this is the first time in 60 years that his organization got bomb threats.

Jew graveyards also got vandalized. Last month, tombstones in Jew graveyards were found tipped over in Philadelphia and St. Louis.

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The Holocaust never happened, but it should have.

This is what happens when you pick the chaos candidate.

Watcha doin rabbi???

Oy vey. It's literally annudah shoah.

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