By: Philip | 05-13-2021 | Opinion, Studio
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Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work Killing Palestinians

You've probably heard the news about Hamas sending rockets to Israel. Don't worry we bought one of the richest nations in the world an extraordinarily sophisticated iron dome to protect them. The rest of that $3.8 billion dollars per year goes to drone strikes which sometimes "accidentally" kill 10 year old kids playing on the beach. Ultra-Zionist settlers are currently rousting Palestinians out of their homes and some Israeli civilians are joining the police and IDF in vicious attacks at rockets topple buildings and cars are knocked sideways. Children and babies are crying seeing their parents take their last breath. Parents are crying seeing their children's life fade before their eyes.

Israel has announced an evacuation order to stay away from high rises as their rocket attacks on Gaza are set to continue. But where are the Palestinians supposed to go as they're blocked in from all sides. Hamas are an inexcusable terrorist organization that knowingly takes the lives of innocent. And so are the US funded Israeli Defenses Forces. America First, right? Unless Israel needs your hard earned tax dollars to continue their slow but steady massacre and heighten the apartheid in Gaza. Whether you agree or disagree, I hope this makes you angry and makes you think. After all, it's your tax dollars hard at work...

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