By: Kyle James | 02-12-2018 | News
Photo credit: Samantha Wieder

Group of 20 Teens Beat Up Homeless Man At Subway Station

Authorities say a "multitude" of teenagers, between 15 to 20, beat up a homeless man leaving him hospitalized.

The depraved assault took place inside the Columbus Circle subway station on Saturday night. The homeless man suffered cuts and bruises, according to police.

The victim is 28-years-old and he was on the northbound A train platform inside the station just after 9 p.m. when he was attacked by "a multitude of kids ranging in age from 15 to their early 20s" attacked him.

A police spokesman couldn't say what started the fight or whether it began on the train but said the assailants did not know the victim.

The homeless man was taken to Mount Sinai West with a cut to his head, swelling and bruising in both of his eyes, and a broken tooth, according to an NYPD spokesman.

Two of the assailants are in police custody, two 16-year-olds, a boy and a girl. Both have been charged with gang assault and obstructing government administration.

A parent of one of the two teens said a video exists of the beating that shows teens stomping the victim but insists her son didn't do it.

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Anonymous No. 18225 2018-02-12 : 10:08

Notice how PC avoids any description of the Teens. Mother of one lives in Harlem.

Anonymous No. 18228 2018-02-12 : 10:40

Are the suspects immigrants by chance?

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