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Bin-Laden Abbottabad Al Qaida Files Reveal Iran Help For 9/11

Documents obtained during a raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan reveal the terror mastermind insisted on using jets to attack the US, even after the September 11, 2001, attack on the twin towers.

The documents were acquired during a raid in May of 2011 but were not released until several years later. In the documents, Bin Laden urges his commanders to focus their efforts on aerial attacks against the U.S. and their allies.

They also reveal that Iran was involved in preparing for such attacks and allowed al-Qaeda militants led by Younis al-Mauritani to train recruits to hijack planes.

"It’s important that the organization carries out operations that directly harm the American people’s security and economy. Executing operations inside the US and targeting oil-exporting countries are what affects people the most," Bin Laden wrote in one of his letters.

As part of their training, al-Qaeda recruits would be sent to foreign universities to learn how to operate airplanes. One such recruit was Naif Abdulaziz who was only recently arrested in the U.S. after the FBI found his fingerprints on an application at Al-Farouk training camp in Afghanistan.

"There are ideas for plans that are bigger than the September 11 attacks but they need distinctive members," he wrote. "We’ve sent some brothers to study at universities so they can buy material without raising any suspicion."

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Bin Laden exchanged letters with Atiyatullah al-Libi and Younis al-Mauritani with whom he also discussed which members to send to hijack planes for suicide missions.

In a reply to Bin Laden, Younis al-Mauritani suggested recruiting Latins and Muslim African Americans. "We must also have a plan to incite strife between America’s components, the Anglo-Saxon, Latins, and African American," al-Mauritani wrote.

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He added the importance of carrying out suicide missions with planes and noted there were gaps in security that could be exploited even after September 11. Along with his many letters, Bin Laden issued an edict that said it was okay if Muslim civilians and children died in these attacks.

Another of Bin Laden's letters reads, "We must target the American people who can stop injustice against people that include Muslims. The Americans must know that we will not obstruct the path of jihad by shielding Muslims during our operations while fighting the enemy."

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Anonymous No. 18223 2018-02-12 : 09:58

_____ "We must also have a plan to incite strife between America’s components, the Anglo-Saxon, Latins, and African American." ….. Sure sounds like Obama and the Liberal-Democrat party is still working towards the al-Qaeda final solution agenda.

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