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Mayor Supports Fire Chief Who Raped 4-year-old

Roger Gilbert Jr. is the new fire chief of the small town of Spartanburg, Pennsylvania. He is also a child rapist who forced a 4-year-old girl to perform oral sex on him. He completed a sentence and is registered as a sex offender, but the mayor of Spartanburg supports the decision to allow Gilbert to hold the title of fire chief.

He had been a volunteer fire fighter since 2010 but after the news of his sex offending past made news some residents believe he should step down.

Robert Daly, a resident of the small town of Corry neighboring Spartanburg had the following to say:

<blockquote>"If he has that on his record then I don't think he should get that title," said Macy Wardner, a Corry resident. "As a leader in the community, some people question what happens if he's called to an incident involving children. You shouldn't have sex offenders with little children if that's what they were accused of. That's not right. They have them feelings."</blockquote>

As is, there is no actual law preventing a sex offender, even a child rapist, from holding the position of fire chief. But some residents feel just the idea of someone with this position of authority who may be on a call near children doesn't look good. Apart from the mayor, there are others who support Gilbert. Several people (none of whom evidently wanted to be on camera or named) sayu they support Gilbert.

Spartanburg Mayor Ann Louise Wagner has not responded to comment.


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Anonymous No. 18271 2018-02-12 : 22:45

He ain't Chief no mo'!

Horrible "outsiders" have utterly RUINED this pervert's life..

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