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Muslim Brothers Rip Off Property Owners in Fremont by Not Paying Rent

Investigators in Fremont, California have discovered the modus operandi of Muslim brothers in ripping off property owners by renting single-family houses in high-end neighborhoods without actually paying anything.

The suspects have been identified as Mohammed Qadir and Habibullah Qadir. The brothers submitted to their landlords false or counterfeit IDs, employment, and financial stats to avail of the rented properties. Police also said that the Qadir brothers wrote bad checks for rent and security deposits.

They have also moved to each residence with their elderly parents.

In the end, they never shelled out any real money to pay the rent until landlords were forced to evict them while they remained in the properties rent-free for months on end.

The Qadirs with their family fled the residence just before authorities came to physically remove them from the properties. Police said that the brothers at times also took off with the landlord’s appliances and left the property trashed.

Authorities say at least five landlords became victim to the brothers’ scam.

Estimate loss for each landlord as a result of the scam is pegged at $120,000.

The Alameda County District Attorney’s office issued arrest warrants for the scamming brothers. They have since been taken into custody. Mohammed faces nearly 30 felony charges. Habibullah faces about 15 counts.

The charges are related to identity theft, fraud, and financial crimes.

The citizenship or residency status of the suspects was not specified.


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Sue Johnson No. 18690 2018-02-18 : 04:31

My previous comment was deleted. Why does it matter what their religion is? That has nothing to do with what they did. As I mentioned before the writer of this article is ignorant.

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