By: Savannah Smith | 03-19-2017 | News
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Former Hillary Staff and Networking Site 'Meet-Up' Teamed-up For Anti-Trump Campaign

A former Hillary Clinton staff is leading an online campaign against President Donald Trump.

Hillary's former digital director Jess Morales Rocketto has even teamed up with a networking site in attacking Trump and his policies.

The networking site Meet-Up is planning protests among thousands of its users who are already involved with anti-Trump Meet-up groups.

The tech company's part in a clear anti-Trump organized campaign has the approval of its CEO. Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman said it seems not enough for a CEO to just say he will be a politician. He has allowed his company to mobilize people against Trump.

Heiferman said that the President went too far with the travel ban for "seven Muslim-majority countries". He said that they have a civic duty not to be quiet.

The Trump administration has already come out with a revised executive order to the temporary travel ban after legal cases have been filed against the first one. Iraq has been removed from the list. It is again just a temporary ban and not a Muslim-ban.

Trump and his officials have been explaining that the temporary ban is needed to make sure that the American people will be safe from terrorist threats. The administration wants to use the time that the temporary ban is in effect to put in place better checking system for foreigners who wish to enter the U.S. The government wants to make sure no possible terrorist will be able to enter the country and do harm to Americans.

Hillary Clinton's former staff Morales Rocketto refers to anti-Trump campaign as #Resist. She is very active on social media promoting the campaign and attacking Trump every chance she has.

Morales Rocketto said her link with Meet-Up aims to give Trump protesters the tools needed to respond to Trump administration policies. She also said that Meet-Up's software is ready made for " rapid response".

Meet-Up also gave free advertising on its site for #Resist campaign events. It usually charges #15 fee for advertising posts.

It is not clear whether Morales Rocketto maintains contact or connection with Hillary Clinton, or if she is getting pieces of advice or instructions from her former boss.

The Meet-Up CEO also did not clarify how his decision to take part in the anti-Trump campaign will affect members of the networking site who maybe supporters of Trump, or even those who agree with his policies.

It was not discussed with the Meet-Up CEO whether it is right for a networking site to be used for very political reasons.


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