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Study Reveals the Drunkest States in America; How is Your State Ranked?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that excessive drinking can lead to a variety of health problems and can also be a significant contributing factor in shortening a person’s life. It also says that those who die as a result of alcohol abuse do so on the average, 30 years prematurely.

The CDC further says that excessive alcohol consumption includes binge drinking and heavy drinking. Binge drinking would consist of four or more drinks in a single occasion for women and five or more for men, and heavy drinking is defined as at least eight drinks per week for women and 15 for men.

18 percent of American adults nationwide drink an excessive amount of alcohol. Excessive drinking varies, however, from state to state. Some drink more, while other states less so. 24/7 Wall Street reviewed data from the CDC to identify the states reporting the highest levels of adults who either binge drink or drink heavily.

Least Drunk States

Tennessee (ranked lowest at number 50) posted the least numbers, meaning binge or heavy drinking is less of a problem in this state than in any other state. Tennessee posted 11.2 % of their adults drinking excessively while garnering 28% in alcohol-related driving deaths, the 11th lowest.

Also at the bottom of the study following Tennessee as states with lesser problems in binge and heavy drinking are West Virginia at number 49, Utah at number 48, Alabama at number 47, and Mississippi at number 46. These are the five states with the least problems on a binge and heavy drinking.

Rounding up the bottom 10 in terms of lesser binge and heavy drinking problems are New Mexico, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Arkansas, Idaho, and Maryland.

Three high profile states are somewhat in the middle of the study and not too far apart from each other, with Washington ranked number 24, California at number 22, and New York at number 20.

On the other hand, making it to the top 10 of the states with the most prominent cases of binge and excessive drinking are Michigan at number 10, Nebraska at number 9, Hawaii at number 8, Iowa at number 7, Minnesota at number 6.

The top Drunkest States

Making it to the top five of the most drinking-loving states are Illinois ranked number 5, Montana at number 4, Alaska at number 3, and Wisconsin at number 2.

The fame or notoriety for being the top spot with the highest binge and excessive drinking rates belongs to North Dakota. The state posted 24. 7% of adults drinking excessively and had the alarming 46.7% of alcohol-related driving deaths, also the highest. North Dakota’s rate of almost 50% in alcohol-related driving deaths is way higher than the national share of 30%.

Interestingly, however, only 13.4% of adults in the state are in fair or poor health, being 9th lowest among all states surveyed.


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Anonymous No. 20162 2018-03-08 : 22:18

Of course WI is 2nd, its friggin cold up there in winter. LOL!!!

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All Americans love to drink regardless of state. Lol.

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