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Photo credit: APA/ Hans Punz

Vienna - Soldiers Shoot Knife Attacker At Iranian Embassy

A 26-year-old Austrian wielding a knife was shot and killed outside the home of the Iranian ambassador in Vienna Sunday night. Police say the man attacked a guard with a knife prompting a lethal response which led to the 26-year-old's death.

The attack prompted police to heighten security measures around diplomatic buildings across Vienna. Police spokesman Harald Soeros said the attacker "died on the spot" when the soldier opened fire. The attack took place just before midnight local time and the motive for the attack is still unknown.

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The armed soldier was standing guard outside the residence of the Iranian ambassador when the attacker stabbed him in his upper arm. Soeros credited the soldier's stab-proof vest for saving his life. "He initially used pepper spray" against the attack before opening fire with live rounds.

Soeros added that they believe he fired his weapon at least four times during the attack. Preliminary investigations indicate the soldier "acted within the rules", according to a ministry of defense spokesman. Reinforcements were put in place at diplomatic venues across the city.

Vienna is home to several international organizations. The attack follows another <a href="">knife attack last week in Austria</a> that left a family of three critically injured. The suspect in last weeks knife attack was a 23-year-old immigrant who blamed his actions on his "aggressive feeling and rage about his life situation."

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