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As the world inches closer to Armageddon and a possible military strike by three of the leading military powers (USA, France, UK) against a Syrian regime backed by the Russian air force, more and more voices on social media and known rebel speakers like Ron Paul and Kim Dotcom are saying that we should wait until all facts about the chemical attack on Douma are fully known.

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Although one could argue that Syria has operated under the same auspices as the US military command during the final stages of WWII and state that it would be easier to rid yourself of your final opposition (in the US case in WWII the soldiers on the Japanese mainland) rather than to risk your own soldiers and thus has indeed dropped a chemical bomb on them (as has reportedly happened in the past already), it is important to listen to both sides of the argument.

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In this case, the voices claiming that this was a False Flag attack are sounding ever louder and were joined by the UK’s former Ambassador to Syria, Mr Peter Ford, who famously stated of the 2017 Khan Sheikhoun attack that US President "Trump Has Just Given Jihadis A Thousand Reasons To Stage Fake Flag Operations" after he launched Tomahawk missiles in response to the chemical attack at that moment.

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Mr Ford was once again invited to the studios of the BBC radio and to the television studios of BBC Breakfast, this time to discuss the current planned attack.

Mr Ford: “How has Assad benefited from all this mayhem? In fact, it’s rebounded against him. Why would he do such a thing when he was already winning? The battle for eastern Ghouta was virtually over. Why would he choose this moment to do the one thing that was guaranteed to pluck defeat for him from the jaws of victory?”

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It comes on the day that a YouGov poll shows that there is no majority UK support for a strike on Syria.

“A child can see that the intention was to produce the hysteria and now the military action that we are on the point of taking, risking our own safety. What the jihadis have done is jerk our leash. And frankly, for one, I think it’s pretty disgusting that we are allowing ourselves to have our own leash jerked by these Islamist fanatics.”


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I agree we should wait until the testing is complete. And if then we find that they did use chemical weapons we need to blow the shit out of them

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