Boston Free Speech Rally: MaY 13th EDITION

By Earnest Jones , The Goldwater · 04-21-2017
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The Boston Rally is scheduled to take place on May the 13th. It will be a free speech pro-Trump rally that will be held on the Boston Common on 139 Tremont St. Libertarians, conservatives, classical liberals, or anyone else who supports Trump or just hates leftists are encouraged to attend.

The rally should be fun as some folks on 8chan jokingly intend to throw Antifa into Boston Harbor. However, reports suggest that it’s not a Trump rally though.

The organizers are looking into finding potential speakers. Some people are suggesting that Richard Spencer ought to attend so as to ensure Antifa presence, however, other ideas are also welcome.

Attendees are urged to bring with them the stickman basics at least. This is because Boston is saturated with Antifa and many expect violence to be there.

The main agenda or point behind the Boston rally is to show that there are Trump supporters in Boston. It’s obvious that Antifa will be around to start some chaos and that’s why people are encouraged to bring helmets, goggles, and respirators. However, stickmen will be there. Bring helmets and goggles, respirators. It should also be noted that one does not need to support Trump 100% to attend the rally.

The organizers have highlighted some do’s and don’ts. Attendees are encouraged not to bring firearms or knives, or bats. Attendees are also warned not to show up if they’re skinheads or plan to act like one, the emphasis has been placed that if one is a skinhead, they should dress like a normie, but assist during skirmishes.

Attendees are also urged not to come planning to instigate violence. Any fights must be strictly defensive or after Antifa have thrown smoke into the crowd. The organizers have also urged the attendees not to let the Antifa beat the shit out of them because of the obvious media coverage.

Organizers have encouraged people to bring heavyweight flag poles, weighted gloves, pepper spray. Attendees should also bring helmets, shin guards, goggles, respirators, and other body armor.

The event is not to seek violence but to show MA that Boston is not filled with whining liberal faggots. Some supporters of the rally have pointed out that they feel a bit confident after Berkeley, but they also noted that Boston is east coast.

However, some people have also expressed doubts over the rally. One of the supporters warned that attendees might get their teeth kicked in, adding that there isn't a ready reserve of right wingers anywhere close that are going to want to participate. However, let’s hope they’re wrong.

Some people are suggesting that attendees need to put together some official uniform, and they need to make sure it doesn't include a face-concealing mask.

There are a LOT of people in the region that will be willing to show support for traditional American values, especially patriots coming down from New Hampshire, Maine and rural areas of Massachusetts. People are encouraged to put up fliers at local community organizations: Veterans' clubs, Boy Scouts, Shriners, Masons, Rotary, every church in the county, Knights of Columbus, and pretty much anyone in a civic organization.

However, it’s also worth noting that Boston does have a hidden population of people that do love this country. Pro-Trump supporters have warned that if Antifa brings m80's to Boston BPD, they will be buried in less than a second and they will all be rounded up and arrested.


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No One should allow them to take away their 1st Amendment rights! If some clown assaults me, he/she will find out that I WILL defend myself - I have that right. I might be older than those protesting, but that just means I have MORE experience dealing with idiots, not less, and like the old saying goes "I love the smell of black powder in the morning, it smells like VICTORY!".

Please come dressed like normal people! There are no recorded instances of ANTIFA violence in Boston. If it does happen, then you win if you look like a normal person being attacked by ANTIFA, you lose if it looks like two different groups of extremists fighting each other.

Hi guys, we don't care about your rootin' tootin' West Coast hootenanny, and we certainly don't want it here. There's a reason we sent the undesirables to California under the false promise of """""free gold."""""

If your plan is to crowd the city with tourists of an even lower caliber than usual, kindly stay home and masturbate to anime instead. Thanks.


>Barney Frank

I know, my nipples are protruding. It's disgusting and disrespectful.

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